In Remembrance Of

19 Feb

Today, we mourn a loss to the entertainment industry. Lydia Sum, better known to millions of Hong Kong people and Chinese people all over the world as “Fei Jie” or the “Hoi Sum Gor” has passed away.


Fei Jie was truly a role model, a true entertainer, and an exquisite person in her own right. I’m nineteen, so I don’t remember watching any of her older dramas, but what I do remember was growing up watching her host anniversary shows and charity events and gameshows, and asking my mother who she was. As a young toddler, I was amazed at her booming laughter, but soon got well accustomed to the infectious chuckles. An anniversary show was not really an anniversary show without her presence. She had that aura about her, that charm, that magnetism that a true entertainer and performer possesses. No one thus far, and I’m not sure there even will be one, has come close to having the light she has.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her, Joyce and her family and friends. I was watching a small snippet of the news on the TV earlier, and the way Joyce and family friends were hounded by the press just made me feel sick to my stomach. All the pushing and shoving, the constant microphone being waved under her nose, the camera flashes going off five times a second; it was disheartening. I get that by being a celebrity, you lose half your privacy to the whole world. I get that most grew up with Fei Jie and hence, feel so familiar with her that everyone feels related to her and also desperately want the news on her death. But everyone else should also get that in a time like this, where a young girl has just lost her mother, nothing but respect and space should be given to her and all those who mourn her. Everyone should just take a step back, give her family and friends time to breathe and come to their own terms and reminisce about what a great, strong person Lydia Sum truly was in the meantime. Because she deserves it.

On an entertainment stage where unfortunately it has stooped to the level where all everyone does is resort to talking about when Edison Chen will return to HK and speculating when the next scandalous sex photo will pop up, it is made even a sadder day that we have lost such a spectacular artiste.

She will be truly missed. There will most definitely not be another Lydia Sum. Rest in peace, everyone’s dear friend.


One Response to “In Remembrance Of”

  1. ST February 27, 2008 at 4:04 pm #

    I will miss lydia always…

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