Nominees, Schnominees.

11 Nov
So, it’s been a crazy half a year! I just finished my final paper yesterday and if everything goes as expected, it will be the final undergraduate paper of my life. Wow. We’ll see how things go because I don’t wanna jinx myself just yet by saying I’ve graduated when results aren’t even out yet, so just keep your fingers crossed for me!


All throughout my absence, I’ve of course still been watching TVB, silently following TVB news online but just abstaining from blogging about my thoughts because I just simply didn’t have the time. This of course has changed since I’m now on holidays and awaiting results so there’s really no better time than to get my two cents out on something I’ve been dying to write about. And well really, the only thing that’s on anyone’s mind in this final run down… The 41st TVB Anniversary Awards.

Last year, Heart of Greed walked off with the awards that mattered the most. The top four coveted Best Actor/Actress and Favourite Character accolades were won by Moses Chan, Lee Sze Kei and Susanna Kwan. Louis Yuen added to the count with his Best Supporting Actor and collectively, the whole cast came out for Best Series. Of course, a TVB Anniversary would not be complete without its surprises, and there certainly weren’t any shortages last year.

Another pic of Mo, just cause. 😉

A night of fun, splendour, jewellery, gorgeous dresses and eyebrow-raising award winner choices by TVB – isn’t this what we all wait for every year? Let’s take a look at the nominees, courtesy from TVB Chinese News.


Best Actress

1. Liza Wang – Wars Of In-Laws II
2. Sonija Kwok – D.I.E
3. Linda Chung – A Journey Called Life
4. Nancy Sit – The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows
5. Charmaine Sheh – Forensic Heroes II
6. Kate Tsui – Speech Of Silence
7. Louise Lee – Moonlight Resonance
8. Susanna Kwan – Moonlight Resonance
9. Michelle Yim – Moonlight Resonance
10. Sheren Tang – Your Class Or Mine

My Missing-in-Action: Anita Yuen. Not that I think that she’d win given the strength of acting and popularity of some of the other dramas these actresses come from but I thought she was really good in Love Exchange which should at least have warranted a nomination. Tavia, Tavia, Tavia; which unfortunately had to give such a splendid performance amongst a heavily female-studded, equally strong cast in Moonlight Resonance that she is now regarded as supporting. That kind of performance in any other should’ve easily gotten her a Best Actress nom. And where’s Myolie? I loved her in War of In-Laws II. Christine Ng, who was great in Silver Chambers?

Ehhhh…: Seriously, what is Kate Tsui doing there? A best actress nomination before Tavia? Out of the younger generation, at least I can say Linda deserves a nomination because she was good in A Journey Called Life. I reckon even Niki should’ve been nominated over Kate for The Seventh Day.

My Favourites: Hands down, Michelle Yim. I loved her in Heart of Greed and here, in Moonlight Resonance, its no exception. She just always amazes me with her acting, versatility and beauty.

Other Favourites: As always, Louise Lee and Susanna Kwan in Moonlight were spot on. Liza Wang in War of In-Laws II too but I don’t know why, there’s just always been something about her style of acting that never appealed to me. Sonija actually did a great job in D.I.E. as well. And I adore me some Sheren Tang but unfortunately Your Class Or Mine wasn’t anything special.

So Who Should Win? Michelle Yim.

And the Award Goes To: I have a sinking feeling that Michelle won’t win for some reason and they give it to Lee Sze Kei or Susanna. Not that they’re any less deserving, but I just really think Michelle is the one to beat this year after she got no recognition from TVB last year in the final five nominees with Brink of Law. But then again, I really suck at calling the awards. I don’t think my success rate was very high last year. Heh.


Best Actor

1. Kenneth Ma – Survivor’s Law II
2. Roger Kwok – D.I.E
3. Damian Lau – Catch Me Now
4. Frankie Lam – Forensic Heroes II
5. Michael Miu – Love Exchange
6. Ha Yu – Moonlight Resonance
7. Moses Chan – Moonlight Resonance
8. Raymond Lam – Moonlight Resonance
9. Bobby Au Yeung – Your Class Or Mine
10. Kevin Cheng – Last One Standing

My Missing-in-Action: Steven Ma. He churned out a good, solid performance in A Journey Called Life as he always does. And while he was great in D.I.E., I really wish Roger had been nominated for Last One Standing. I haven’t finished it yet but he’s been spot on so far. And well, I’m not really missing him but I’m surprised Joe Ma isn’t here. He wasn’t bad in Catch Me Now and didn’t he just sign with TVB? And Dominic Lam‘s acting in Money-Maker Recipe was fantastic.

Ehhhh…: Okay, I’m going to be very honest here. Kenneth is popular, I know, but he’s never really grown on me until The Four. I really like him in it. But really? Best Actor nomination?

My Favourites: Sigh, I enjoyed all three Moonlight nominees. Ha Yu was perfect as Jo Ba from the get-go till the very end. The transition from cold, lying cheater to the repentive father; he was so good through out it all. Raymond as always was solid, and of course, his Koon Ka Jai melted the girl in me (and of course, it’s Raymond, who also manages to melt me everything his subtheme song plays in the series, heh) but it wasn’t nearly on par with Ha Yu. And Moses with his unfortunately reduced screen time but still was perfect in every episode.

Other Favourites: Moonlight aside, c’mon now, we can’t be forgetting Damian Lau in Catch Me Now who was absolutely superb. I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but I’m finding Kevin in Last One Standing really good too. TVB award winners really have a way of giving out great performances the year after they win the awards (IMO, Linda, Kate and Fala all gave much better performances after they’d won their respective awards in the previous years.)

So Who Should Win? Ha Yu.

And the Award Goes To: Raymond Lam.


My Favorite Female Character Award

1. Charmaine Sheh – Word Twisters’ Adventures
2. Liza Wang – Wars Of In-Laws II
3. Myolie Wu – Wars Of In-Laws II
4. Kitty Yuen – D.I.E
5. Christine Ng – The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows
6. Kiki Sheung – The Money-Maker Recipe
7. Louise Lee – Moonlight Resonance
8. Susanna Kwan – Moonlight Resonance
9. Fala Chen – Moonlight Resonance
10. Linda Chung – Legend Of The Demigods

My Missing-in-Action: I have tons of favourite female characters from the series aired this year, but unfortunately none of them are on here. Geez. Tavia as Kam Wing Yuet in Moonlight is definitely one. Anita as Chi Yiu in Love Exchange because I loved witnessing the growth in the character. Krystal Tin as Jackie, also in Love Exchange, which I thought was a great strong, complex, three-dimensional character. I enjoyed Sonija‘s Madam Ying in D.I.E. which is the first time I’m enjoying any character of hers. Natalie in The Seventh Day whose feisty Sasa I really enjoyed. Selena Li as loyal, stubborn Yeuk Fei in The Four. I actually also really liked Linda in A Journey Called Life but I don’t watch Legend of the Demigods, so I wouldn’t know which character’s better. I liked Bernice‘s character in Wasabi too but I think I’m amongst the minority there. Sheren‘s A San in Your Class or Mine. Joyce Tang in Money-Maker Recipe. Whew, that’s quite a list.

Ehhhh…: Kitty Yuen?! Kitty Yuen?! As the absolutely annoying Siu Yi ghost thingymajig with the strangest clothes in D.I.E.? You have got to be kidding me. Kitty Yuen! Gah.

My Favourites: Off the list, my favourite character is probably Myolie‘s Chow Lai Man. And maybe Fala‘s Moonlight Resonance. Her Ah Hing was just incredibly sweet, demure and kind despite her circumstances.

Other Favourites: Louise was obviously great and while I felt it was nothing different from Heart, I did enjoy Hor Ma better than last year’s Dai Kai. I really wouldn’t call her my favourite but that’s probably just because I can’t identify with the character itself.

So Who Should Win? Tavia as stubborn, resilient, caring Ah Yuet. Heh.

And the Award Goes To: I don’t know, my favourites are mostly who I identified with, and mainly just characters I enjoyed watching on my screen. Isn’t this a really difficult one to call? I mean you can judge acting with a yardstick but my “favourite”, now that’s something really subjective. Susanna Kwan‘s character got really popular. And while I’m not denying the fact that she’s a great actress, Sa Yee really did annoy the hell out of me. But could it be two favourite female character awards, two years running? Nope, I think I’m going to go out on a limb and say Liza Wang with O Jeh instead.


My Favorite Male Character Award

1. Kenneth Ma – Survivor’s Law II
2. Bosco Wong – War Of In-Laws II
3. Roger Kwok – D.I.E
4. Derek Kwok – D.I.E
5. Michael Tse – The Money-Maker Recipe
6. Ha Yu – Moonlight Resonance
7. Raymond Lam – Moonlight Resonance
8. Sunny Chan – Legend Of The Demigods
9. Ron Ng – The Four
10. Kevin Cheng – Last One Standing

My Missing-in-Action: Where is Mo!? I loved, loved, loved, loved Johnson Lee‘s unorthodox, offbeat BT in Catch Me Now. I honestly cried buckets when he died. And Damian’s Jack Ko! And come on, Sammul Chan in The Four as Zhui Ming is a hilarious and oh-so-likeable character. Oh wait, I forgot, he’s not a TVB artiste, is he? Heh. Kenneth Ma‘s Tit Sau is actually also a very likeable, respectable character but then again I hear his MK Sun in Survivor’s Law II, which I didn’t watch, is a crowd favourite? I also absolutely loved Steven Ma‘s great Shing Yat Onn in Journey. I must say however, I much preferred Derek Kwok‘s CC in War of In-Laws II. And oh another favourite complex character to watch was Dominic Lam from The Money-Maker Recipe. And oh, I also like Kevin‘s Yau Chi Wing in The Seventh Day.

Ehhhh…: Ron Ng? Erm, you mean people actually like… Lang Huet? Wow. That’s really a surprise to me.

My Favourites: Off the list, again, it’s gotta be the Moonlight duo for me. Pretty self-explanatory, I guess. And Roger Kwok in D.I.E. left me giggling every episode. Only he could pull off something like that.

Other Favourites: I’m surprising myself by saying that I like Kevin Cheng‘s Cheung Sing Hei too. Honestly, Last One Standing single-handedly turned my impression of Kevin around this year.

So Who Should Win? I’m going to have to say my personal pick is Koon Ka Jai.

And the Award Goes To: Like a lot of people, and unfortunately for Moses, I honestly believe it’s gonna be one of those trade-offs between Ha Yu and Raymond Lam where one wins Best Actor and the other gets My Favourite Male Character and I’d really have no problems with that because I enjoyed both their acting and like both their characters. I’m going to say Roger will be a dark horse with D.I.E. though.


Best Supporting Actress Award

1. Joyce Tang – Wars Of In-Laws II
2. Bernice Liu – Wasabi Mon Amour
3. Sharon Chan – Catch Me Now
4. Nancy Wu – The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows
5. Claire Yiu – Speech Of Silence
6. Krystal Tin – Love Exchange
7. Tavia Yeung – Moonlight Resonance
8. Fala Chen – Moonlight Resonance
9. Kate Tsui – Moonlight Resonance
10. Lee Heung Kam – Moonlight Resonance

My Missing-in-Action: Rosanne Lui and her fantastic portrayal of Leng Ma, who has Parkinson’s, in Last One Standing. Come on, how on earth can she possibly NOT be on this list? I really think it’s an injustice to her. And Rebecca Chan in The Silver Chamber of Sorrows? And oh, how about Elaine Yiu for just about ANYTHING she’s done this year? That girl has given good supporting performance after good supporting performance this year. I also enjoyed Selena Li as Chui Kiu in Tai Chi and how she actually played her with a gentle twang in her speech to suit the period of the series.

Ehhhh…: Surprisingly, but well I’m pretty okay with this list. I dug out an old post to see what I said about last year’s anniversary winners and I wrote this about Kate “…Hopefully, she does come into her prime and leave us all with a good performance like Linda after she won Most Improved. Hopefully.” And I think she kinda did. You know, I questioned Kate in the Best Actress list, but I’m okay with her being here. She really did manage to hold her own against the veterans in Moonlight Resonance. She did good in all the screaming matches and devious scenes but unfortunately failed in the final press conference where she broke down. I would probably switch Bernice and Claire out of the nominations for my missing-in-action picks though.

My Favourites: Tavia, hands down. My second choice would be Krystal Tin though. I thought she was splendid as Jackie in Love Exchange which is probably one of the harder female roles this year to tackle and she did it well. It’s quite sad though, she was the second female lead with wayyy more screen time than some of the other supporting nominees had in their series (I mean, I barely got to see Nancy and Sharon on screen in Silver Chambers and Catch Me Now) but still got nominated in this category. I know she wouldn’t have a chance in the Best Actress running but it’s just really weird.

Other Favourites: Definitely Joyce Tang. She was great as Coco. I really do like Nancy Wu and think she was great holding her own as the opportunistic, self-interested, cocky Fei Fei against the other females in Silver Chambers of Sorrows (Although the rest of the time, my memory of her character was her rolling around with Eric Li on a pool table and kissing in the river. Lol.). I also quite liked Sharon‘s Kwong Kiu but I think that was more about the character and not so much the acting.

So Who Should Win? Tavia Yeung. Is there any doubt? If it’s not Tavia, it has absolutely gotta be Lee Heung Kam or Joyce. Please?

And the Award Goes To: I’m going to give TVB the benefit of the doubt and say Tavia is going to win. Please don’t let me down, TVB.


Best Supporting Actor Award

1. Tsui Weng – Best Selling Secret
2. Stephen Au – Best Selling Secret
3. Derek Kwok – Wars Of In-Laws II
4. Wayne Lai – The Gentle Crackdown II
5. Paul Chun – Wasabi Mon Amour
6. Kenneth Ma – The Master Of Tai Chi
7. Johnson Lee – Catch Me Now
8. Chow Chung – Moonlight Resonance
9. Oscar Leung – Your Class Or Mine
10. Him Law – Your Class Or Mine

My Missing-in-Action: Raymond Cho, whom I really enjoyed in Forensic Heroes II. And this may come as a surprise but Ellesmere Choi‘s acting is very effective in Last One Standing as the scared, sissy brother-in-law of Kevin Cheng.

Ehhhh…: Honestly, Him Law and Oscar Leung. Now most of you would know that I like Oscar (and Fred!). But Best Supporting Actor? Really? Wow. And Him Law. I did think he wasn’t too bad for a newcomer when I watched Your Class or Mine but still… Wow. Are they TVB’s next choices for super stardom?

My Favourites: Making me choose between Wayne, Derek and Johnson, all of whom I’ve loved and hoped for recognition all this while (along with Benz who unfortunately isn’t nominated this year and who really should have won for Dicey Business last year), is just not fair. Really! How am I to choose?

Other Favourites: Omg, and Paul Chun too, another favourite of mine! He’s unfortunately not going to win because of Wasabi‘s horrible ratings, but the Family Man father will always have a place in this heart of mine. (But why he wasn’t nominated for Silver Chambers where he was great as the villain of the show, is beyond me.)

So Who Should Win? I can’t decide. This is torture.

And the Award Goes To: Wayne Lai. It’s his time to win it. I didn’t watch The Gentle Crackdown II (in fact, this is the only person I’m advocating where I didn’t watch the entire series!) but he absolutely deserves it because its been a long time coming. I know I’m supposed to judge based on the series that he’s nominated for, but I really can’t help it. And with his first leading roles coming soon next year, there’s no better time to win the Best Supporting Actor category and cap off this chapter of his acting career with a big bang. 🙂


Most Improved Actress Award

1. Selena Li
2. Sharon Chan
3. Tavia Yeung
4. Toby Leung
5. Nancy Wu

My Missing-in-Action: Okay, this is really stupid. Why isn’t Natalie Tong here after her great performance as joint lead in The Seventh Day? I thought she more than held her own against the other three more seasoned leads. So just because a series has crappy ratings, an actress is suddenly not qualified to be “Most Improved” anymore? And Elaine Yiu, seriously. Anyone who’s been watching TVB this year would know that if anyone, she has improved by leaps and bounds (and many leaps and bounds more) since her early days as the unbearable Chloe in Revolving Doors of Vengeance.

Ehhhh…: TVB has finally answered my prayers by not insulting Bernice and Leila (okay, so she didn’t have a series this year, but you know what I mean) any further by nominating them for Most Improved Actress year after year after year. But Tavia? I mean, really? Are you on crack, TVB? She so far ahead of this category that it’s not even funny. And what on earth is Toby doing there year after year too?

My Favourites: Selena, for sure! She has improved so much and it’s been so nice to see her come into her own as an actress this year, getting second female leads and garnering recognition for her cameo in Forensic Heroes II. She’s already on my favourite list.

Other Favourites: Nancy Wu.

So Who Should Win? Most definitely, Selena. I feel so torn because I adore Tavia but it’s a Most Improved category which I really think is beyond Tavia.

And the Award Goes To: Man, if Tavia doesn’t get Best Supporting Actress, I hate to think that they would give this to her as a consolation prize. Which would effectively rob Selena of her well deserved Most Improved prize. And if Toby wins, I will just feel like slitting my wrists. She’s improved in Money-Maker Recipe, but she’s still so far behind everyone else here.


Most Improved Actor Award

1. Wong Cho Lam
2. Tsui Wing
3. Derek Kwok
4. Johnson Lee
5. Oscar Leung

My Missing-in-Action: Someone needs to give Fred a good breakthrough role, larger than the one he usually gets to play so that one day I can see him nominated in this category. I’m surprised not to see Chris Lai, Matthew Ko or either Stephens on this list though. Chris will probably join the Sammul, Bernice and Leila fate of never winning an Improved award but I thought TVB loved Matthew Ko.

Ehhhh…: Okay, TVB is on crack. Derek Kwok? Johnson Lee? It’s not that they’ve improved TVB. It’s just that you’ve never paid enough attention to them before to know that they’ve always had that high level of supporting actor standard which you’ve relied upon time and time again for a strong dependable supporting cast without knowing it.

My Favourites: I really don’t know what to say. I like Derek, Johnson and Oscar, but something doesn’t feel quite right.

So Who Should Win? …isn’t it really sad that TVB doesn’t have enough quality new actors to nominate?

And the Award Goes To: Wong Cho Lam. I do love his dead-pan expressions but far from my pick for a Most Improved. Heavily-promoted, heavily-coveted. Amigo Chui ring a bell?

Best Series

I don’t know who the nominees are but… Moonlight Resonance? I really don’t think I need to say more.

…so, I usually get most of them wrong. Last year I only got Moses and Lee Sze Kei right! Haha. Let’s see just how much luck I have this year.

Tell me, who are YOUR favourites? Who do you think will walk away with the awards which are apparently not made out of gold anymore because the whole world is hit by the economic slowdown? Who do you think should have been nominated but lucked out? Why is TVB still on crack?


6 Responses to “Nominees, Schnominees.”

  1. Uh_Oh November 12, 2008 at 7:19 am #

    I’m so glad you’re back! hope everything goes well with your paper. I’ll keep my list short.-Best Actor-Want- Ha YuShould- Ha Yu, Kevin Cheng, Damian LauWill- Ha Yu (Cross my fingers!)Switch- Kenneth Ma for Steven Ma-Best Actress-Want- No favoritesShould- Michelle Yim, Louise Lee, Susanna KwanWill- Don’t know, is Michelle Yim under TVB management?Switch- Kate Tsui for Tavia Yeung-Favorite Female Character-Want- Fala ChenShould- Fala Chen, Louise LeeWill- either someone from MR or LizaSwitch- Kitty Yuen, Charmaine Sheh, and Kiki Sheung for Tavia Yeung, Natalie Tong, and Lee Heung KamI really disiked Fala last year but I am so close to loving her now. Its amazing what one series can do.-Favorite Male Character-Want- Roger Kwok, Ha Yu, Sunny ChanShould – Ha YuWill- Raymond LamSwitch- Michael Tse, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam(MR), Derek Kwok(DIE) for Raymond Lam(The Four),Derek Kwok (WOIL2), Damien Lau, Johnson Lee, Wayne Lai, Steven MaI found Raymond’s character in MR incredibly bland and boring; he did much better in The Four IMO.-Best Supporting Actress-Want- Tavia Yeung, Lee Heung KamShould- Tavia Yeung, Lee Heung Kam, Joyce TangWill- Tavia Yeung or Lee Heung KamSwitch- Sharon Chan, Bernice Liu, Kate Tsui for Natalie Tong, Elaine Yiu, Koni Liu (ok, maybe too early for Koni to win but I found her better than Sharon)Tavia is an audience favorite for the win but Lee Heung Kam is a veternan who just returned so I feel like TVB might give it to Lee Heung Kam out of respect.-Best Supporting Actor-Want: Wayne LaiShould: Wayne LaiWill: Better be Wayne Lai!As much as I like Derek Kwok and Johnson Lee, there is no way anyone deserves it more than Wayne Lai after his stellar performance in The Gentle Crackdown 2. (Highly Recommended =P)Most Improved Actress-Want- Selena Li or Nancy WuShould- Selena Li or Nancy WuWill- Nancy WuSwitch- Toby Leung, Sharon Chan, Tavia Yeung(how insulting to put her here year after year) for Natalie Tong, Elaine Yiu, and Yoyo ChenIf Elaine was on the list I would say her for the win! Hopefully, she gets it next year because, along with Fala, she’s another that has really grown on me. Nancy might win over Selena since she really got popular after Strictly Come Dancing 2 and it seems like TVB is finally promoting her. I think they might give her this award to give her the push she needs. Also, since you mentioned Leila, maybe I’m thinking too much but could it be that Leila had no series this year because she didn’t attend the award ceremonies last year and this is TVB’s way of punishing her for being “disrespectful”?-Most Improved Actor-Want- Uh….none…Should- Oscar? I guessWill- Wong Cho LamSwitch- Everybody for Stephen Wong, Stephen Huynh, Matthew Ko, Benjamin(I forget his last name but I thought he was quite cute in YCoM),and Eric LiHighly insulting for Derek Kowk and Johnson Lee to be on this list. Oh, now I get it! Its not Most Improved Actor in terms of acting, its Most Improved Actor in terms of popularity! In that case, a Wong Cho Lam win will totally make sense.-Best Series-Want- Moonlight Resonance, Catch Me Now, Last One StandingShould- Catch Me Now, Last One StandingWill- Moonlight ResonanceI find it weird how Lee Heung Kam is the only one out of the returning stars to be nominated for anything. No Anita Yuen? Idy Chan? Kent Tong? Gallen Lo?? His comeback was such a big deal and he lost a nomination to Kenneth Ma?

  2. glazed.over November 13, 2008 at 1:42 pm #

    Hey! It’s great to hear from you again too! I’ve missed reading your lengthy comments ;)Ooh so you want Ha Yu to win too! I really wonder if he will. As for Best Actress, that’s one of the reasons I was thinking Michelle wouldn’t win it too. She’s not as popular with the public and execs compared to LSK and Susanna I think?I totally agree about Fala. I wasn’t a fan up till Steps. I really don’t know when I started warming up to her. Maybe somewhere in Catch Me Now? I have no clue. But I loved her in Moonlight and she’s really just getting more and more gorgeous as the days pass by too.You liked Natalie’s Sasa too? I think it’s really sad how TVB just suddenly stopped promoting her. She was at least nominated last year for Most Improved, wasn’t she? I don’t even see her in many upcoming roles besides her cameo in WESFOTSW.Yeah, I know a lot of people didn’t like Raymond’s character in MR but these kind of characters have always appealed to me. I didn’t get to finish The Four (I stopped watching during exams and Astro on Demand stopped the reruns! :(( ) so I’m really undecided on Mo Ching. From what I saw, I really loved Sammul’s character though.That’s a good point though about Lee Heung Kam about them giving it to her out of respect. No disrespect to her performance but I just felt Tavia stole the show in every scene she was in. If there’s anyone Tavia will have to lose to, I’d much rather it be her.Hehe, looks like we have the same taste in supporting actors! I do believe it’s gonna be Wayne too. Haha, so should I go buy The Gentle Crackdown II DVDs when I go search for The Four DVD? 😀 I couldn’t stand Yumiko so I gave up on it actually.I know, Elaine has grown on me in leaps and bounds too and I’m really surprised, but she’s really put in so many solid performances that its crazy not to see her here. Oh, I like Yoyo Chen too! And about Leila, geez that really doesn’t sound like it’s beyond TVB to be honest. I thought Man In Charge was slated to be released so many times this year but they just kept on pushing it back. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to a series where Kate is leading over Leila but I’ll probably watch it since I really miss her. :(LOL, yes the Most Improved Actor nominees are the strangest ever aren’t they? I actually quite liked Benjamin Yuen in YCOM too (In fact, I quite liked the whole series but I don’t think that’s a popular opinion lol) Eek and I totally forgot about Eric Li too. He should be on there too! He was great in the final episodes of CMN.Exactly. I really was so surprised not to see Anita and Gallen on there. Idy really didn’t make a great impression on me but still, she was heaps better than Kate in SOS. But well, it’s TVB. Just a two days more and we’ll be able to see if our predictions are right. I’m usually wrong though, so I hope you have better luck! Haha.

  3. flor.a November 15, 2008 at 5:22 am #

    I'm so glad you're back, I've missed your updates tremendously.Ahh, Best Actress. I remember complaining about Anita not making the list because I would say that she's more 'respected' than Kate. I guess I don't really have the right to judge whether or not Kate should have been nominated under Best Actress since I didn't pay much attention to SOS, but then that just means the acting didn't captivate me enough! It should count for something. 😛 I mean, it's pretty obvious she(along with a couple others) isn't going to win, so I find it to be a waste of a nomination. I don't feel the excitement I once had rooting for the Best Actor/Actress award anymore.Best Actor, I just hope between the Ha Yu-Raymond competition that Ha Yu gets it. Raymond didn't really catch my eye in either MR or The Four, rather Sammul did with all his funny remarks and BS. Oh, and I loved Kevin in Last One Standing, if he ever deserves Best Actor, it would be for LOS.For Favourite Female Character, I really wanted Tavia nominated under that. I reckon Tavia and Fala could've switched roles for Most Improved and Favourite Character. And I'm a fan of both, it just makes it more reasonable despite Fala winning Supporting previously. Hahaha, and I gawked after seeing Kitty Yuen's name as well. I'm rooting for Fala though, I was a fan prior to MR but MR was just like -snap- I'm sure I'm a fan of hers. Favourite Male, I really wanted Sammul. Very much, I would've loved Johnson to be nominated there as well. I loved his english, it was used just at the right moments, not excessively and he sounded so witty whenever he spoke it. Hahaha, I'm going crazy over his english so I'm not even going to start about his overall character.I think I've slowly learned to accept that Tavia was nominated under supporting, I remember being furious but I'm definitely rooting for her not and I wouldn't mind if LHK got the award. Except I have a feeling they might just give LHK the Lifetime Achievement Award. Best Actor & Actress are no longer the suspense causing categories for me this year. Definitely the two supporting categories, I loved Johnson and Wayne…despite not watching TGC2, like you. I'm sure both Wayne, Derek and Johnson, AND Paul deserve this award. I'm not rooting for anyone in particular but I think I'm siding towards Johnson and Wayne.Gawwwd, having Tavia, Johnson and Derek nominated under Supporting was one thing but it's absolute disgrace having them nominated under Most Improved. It’s not fair for anyone. I really wanted Natalie and Elaine to be in this year’s Most Improved (and Koni in next year 😛 or something recognition because I thought she did a spectacular job as a newbie).Haha, the mention of Fred. I liked that. And I couldn’t agree more, I think the reason why I love your blog so much is because I can relate to everything. As mentioned, unfair to have Johnson and Derek under Most Improved. I probably hate this category the most. Although, I must say I’m happy that Oscar made the list. At least he’s getting some exposure. Dang, Fred man, Fred! I think everyone is a little too old for this category, Oscar included. I think he’s 28 this year already, he just looks really young, like Fred. Anyway, speaking of Amigo I think I’m one of the only people that was neutral to him winning the award, I think he’s by far one of the best young hosts at TVB, and hosting is hard, probably a lot more lines to memorize compared to acting but then the only downside was…I thought the award was for acting :PAnyway, I’m really glad you’re back. Hopefully there’ll be more updates soon! Hahah, and I’m gonna cross my fingers for you.

  4. glazed.over November 19, 2008 at 8:38 am #

    I’ve missed you tremendously too! Are you ever going to continue with thinkflo? ;)Heh, it most definitely should count for something because it didn’t captivate me either; you’re not alone there! You know, I was really surprised Susanna didn’t make it into the top five despite all the early ribbing from the emcees when they went around interviewing all of them. I thought that was really mean of them. But that being said, I’m ecstatic that Michelle won. I was worried when I didn’t see her in the front row, but thankfully I was just worrying for nothing. I know what you mean, I’ve really warmed up so much to Fala. It’s really strange! She’s really growing on me reaaally quickly. Of course, I’m sure the great chemistry with FungYi in MR contributed loads to it.We’ve really got the same taste in a lot of things. I absolutely adored witty BT in Catch Me Now. What is up with him not getting into the Top 5 for Best Supporting? It’s ridiculous. Catch Me Now was such a captivating watch and it didn’t get nominated for anything, unless you count Sharon for Most Improved. It’s stupid and I feel like making an award and sending it to Johnson. Mehh.How awesome is it that Tavia wonnnnnn!? EEEEEEEEEEE. I grinned so much and THEN started tearing and tearing. Sappy but still, I’m so proud and happy for her to finally get official recognition after her Most Improved Award from TVB. And it’s amazing how classy she was in her speech. She really is something else.And I’m equally pleased that Wayne won! I loooooved how everyone was cheering for him. Everyone loves Wayne, hee. I’m really pretty ‘meh’ at the Most Improved category. I like Nancy, but I feel like she really didn’t have much to show for this year besides Strictly Come Dancing. Elaine and Natalie really should’ve been there. I hate how Natalie’s been shoved aside after TSD.Haha, you know, I love how Fred already has a pretty crazy fanbase despite him not getting big roles. I mean, this guy has tons of fans! Oscar too. Lol. Oh well, I’m just going to keep on mentioning the both of them until TVB sees it one day. Heh.For Amigo, hmmm. I don’t get all the other shows like Scoop or whatever it is that he hosts, and actually I barely see him so I’m in no position to judge. I guess why I was so surprised is that yeah, I’d always thought, since the days of Ray, Ron, Bosco, Kenneth; that the award was for Most Improved Actor. Hee, it’s good to be back! It’s a place for me to get all my rambling out even if nobody reads them! 😛

  5. flor.a November 20, 2008 at 10:46 pm #

    Haha..thinkflo. Ah boy, I really don't know. I don't feel really motivated to, and it's almost been a year since the idea :PI actually really thought that Susanna had a chance against Michelle, but then utter disappointment after the top 5 were listed. But no complaints, since Michelle won! Yeah, I think everyone that isn't part of the '79 group in tvb that I love, and I'll include Bosco & Leila in that group just because ;). I think Fala's the one I like most from the 'new-new generation'. More than Kate and Linda and everything. Heh, FungYi in MR definitely, and I think just Tavia in general helped tons. Hahaha that's probably why I enjoy your blog so much. I thought Catch Me Now was one of the best series, BT man, BT! Hopefully he'll get recognized next year though, praying that tvb will continue with the non-rigged awards, because I was over the moon when he won, knowing that he deserves every part of it.I loved Tavia's speech, she started off and finished it nicely. Haha, I think her last line will be one of my favourite things she's ever said from now on. I felt emotional when she won but I didn't tear, but I did for Nancy, until I noticed her eyebrows because she was very emotional herself and I chuckled at it. I didn't really mind the winner of Most Improved..but er, preferably not Toby. In fact it would've been nice to replace her with Natalie and Elaine.Hahah, I think Fred has more fans than Oscar..and Fred's younger too. I just fear that one day when he makes it to the Raymond stage, there will be a bunch of crazy 10 year old fan girls. Haha and keep mentioning them! I won't get tired of reading their names!Haha, for a second I forgot who won Most Improved Male this year. Anyway, yeahh i think the Most Improved Male kind of…er, let's just say I don't really care about that award anymore since the winners are all kinda ehh. I'll wait until Fred gets nominated :)Nah, I think there are a lot of people that read your ramblings, I know I would!

  6. Aerish January 16, 2009 at 9:43 am #

    hey, most of your guess is right.well done. why you didn’t write anymore?

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