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TVB Tweet

23 Nov

Hello, everyone! I’ve just set up a twitter account cause I figured it’ll be easier and quicker to share thoughts that way.

So, hopefully I get up and a-tweeting soon. Come say hi to @glazeover! 🙂


Hello, the Missed World of TVB Fandom!

22 Nov

Hey everyone!

Gosh, it’s been insane how long this blog has been left unattended. I do apologize and am crazily sorry!

Looking back at the last post, it’s almost been a year. Easy to count because Anniversary is right around the corner again.

So, what’s been going on? I’ve since graduated from university, secured a pretty good job with a large firm which takes up most of my free time, fell in love (HAHA, do I hear some ooh-s?) which takes up whatever else free time I have, and that doesn’t leave me with much else time to watch TVB.

That, and perhaps I just haven’t been feeling any of the series of late other than Rosy Business (which was freaking amazing, by the way). Even Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich, despite all the months of anticipation, haven’t really been doing it for me. Some of you might know that I hate missing out episodes when I watch series so regardless, I’ll always insist on watching everything in sequence. No series of late has caught my eye to make me want to unleash my TVB OCD-ness on it.

Anyway, I watched the Anniversary Gala show a few nights ago and I must say that brought back some great memories. It reminded me how much I used to love this fandom, and how when studying in Melbourne, was the only avenue by which I could feel at home. Maybe I’ll even blog about the Gala, because as usual, I’ve tons of thoughts about it.

So, after the Gala, it got me clicking on my favourite TVB links again. I’ve always checked out TVB: A Way of Thinking (Teddieburr rocks for keeping me updated :D) on a pretty regular basis since I love to find out what my favourites are in next, and also to keep on hoping and hoping for a Bernice series or a FungYi series or to see Leila again… you get the gist. (Shall We State the Case FTW!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist the rare shout out.) But today, I spent the whole afternoon losing myself in the fandom, and clicking here and there on random TVB sites, and all I can say is, good times.

Nostalgia led me back to site and when the familiar colours loaded, I was overwhelmed. Honestly overwhelmed at the number of comments that were on the tagboard since I was away. (Okay, granted, one of them says “i love cheng ka wing .i am gay . i want to kiss you.” Go figure.) Most are asking for There And Back Again, and I admit, I’ve missed writing and in particular, writing this fic.

So while I don’t know if I’ll have the time to actively continue this like how I used to, all I can say is that I miss each and everyone of you whom I’ve come into encounter with during this TVB experience and that I’m truly flattered that you’ve taken the time to read what I’ve had to say.

Thanks a million,

Aw, Shucks.

8 Mar

So, I woke up early (well okay, 10:30 is barely early, but it’s early for a Saturday morning!) and came online, did all the mandatory stuff, mail-checking, etc.

Guess what I found in my inbox?

Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Television Broadcasts Limited claiming that this material is infringing:

TVB MV – Life Is Beautiful:

Please Note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account. In order to prevent this from happening, please delete any videos to which you do not own the rights, and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others. For more information about YouTube’s copyright policy, please read the Copyright Tips guide.

If you elect to send us a counter notice, please go to our Help Center to access the instructions.

Be aware that there may be adverse legal consequences in your country if you make a false or bad faith allegation of copyright infringement by using this process.

YouTube, Inc.


When you click on the video, you get this message, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Television Broadcasts Limited“.

Dang. That was one of my favourite videos. And well, they might as well remove all my other videos, if that’s the case. What about all the other fan-videos out there? I’m not talking about TVB fanvids, but what about other the other fandoms? I see tons of Grey’s Anatomy MerDer vids, lots of One Tree Hill vids, Heroes, whatever.

Oh well. 56,599 views and 93 comments later, I guess it’s okay in the end, knowing that people did kinda like it for the time that it was around.

What’s Up; #2.

2 Mar

First of all, let me apologize for the long leave of absence. Last week was the first week of uni, and there was all the bustle with arranging tutorial times, buying books, finding lecture theatres and learning my way around the newly-constructed campus. Phew. That said, it’s been nice to come home after a long day at uni and after a long hour in a traffic jam and back to Astro on Demand. Boy, am I glad the parents have just fully subscribed to it because I am absolutely loving The Seventh Day.


I’ve never thought Kevin Cheng to be a spectacular actor (or rather, he’s probably just never had a good enough role, for me personally, to justify the buzz about him), but he entertains here as Yau Chi Wing. Chi Wing is very rough around the edges, and yet soft at heart; sometimes he’s as oblivious as sandpaper, but at other times he pretends not to care. So far, it’s not been rocket science to portray, and Kevin does it adequately. And on a totally superficial note, can I just say how incredibly good-looking he is in The Seventh Day? All the females in my family swoon. Heh. Niki Chow is adorable as always. Again, not the best actress amongst her age group (although, the fact that she isn’t completely an actress to begin with should hold for something) but does a good enough job playing the very likeable, pleasant and sweet Ka Yan. But put together, these two are absolutely magic like before. They bring out the best of each other on screen. Ka Yan‘s angelic demeanor evens out Ah Wing‘s ruggedness, and the result is beautiful. Kevin and Niki really are a force to be reckoned with. And before I forget, I want to fly to Hong Kong and steal little Jack. ASAP. That dog is the cutest AND smartest little thing I’ve ever seen. Scene-stealer in every scene he’s in!

While Kevin and Niki shone in the first five episodes or so, I have to say that in the other five, Bosco and Natalie are really making the series good for me. Like every other viewer, I had my reserves about them. I love Bosco Wong, and I love Bosco even more in comedic roles like Don here. His body language and facial expressions are hilariously classic in here. As a fan of Natalie Tong, I was worried about how she would fare in such a big role, and opposite Bosco, nonetheless, whom the public has already accepted with Myolie at large, what more in a comedic viewpoint. Thankfully, Natalie proves her mettle as a steadily improving actress thus far, and I’m glad she got this opportunity to be the second lead. Hopefully this will not be a one-off chance like on-screen best friend Elaine Yiu who once got a big role in Revolving Doors of Vengeance and Safe Guards and has been relegated to supporting roles ever since. She more than holds her own against the very experienced Bosco and they generate a great chemistry that just makes you want to root for them.

The two seperate camps of 3J and DDMK provide for some great funny scenes, and while most of the forums are buzzing about Charmaine Li, Elaine Yiu is the one catching my attention. I despised her in RDOV and thought she was pretty much an atrocious actress and have since avoided any series she’s been in. However, she’s very quickly growing on me, thanks to The Seventh Day (and bits and pieces of The Gentle Crackdown II). After flying to Hong Kong and stealing Jack, my second task will be personally shaving off Sam Chan‘s hideous goatee. And really, yay for Stephanie Che. She never fails to brighten up the series.

And speaking of The Gentle Crackdown II


I loved the first one. Moses and Niki were great in it. I wasn’t looking forward to the sequel at all, besides Steven and Wayne, but after catching a few episodes, it was funnier than I thought it would be. Steven was fantastic as usual, Wayne was nothing short of phenomenal. Yumiko Cheng, on the other hand… Hmm. I have nothing against the HK singers starring in TVB series, but please, at least let them start up from supporting roles? Niki was second female lead in Hard Fate before Under the Canopy of Love; Ella Koon was second female lead in RDOV before Survivor’s Law II, and Fiona Sit was second female lead in The Academy. Maybe someone should’ve given Yumiko a supporting role to start out with too. I tried not to watch scenes with her in it, but that was difficult, given she had maximised screen-time. That, and her cringe-worthy horrible Rihanna-esque bob hairstyle.

The Steven-Wayne partnership is one that is golden and the producers seem to know it. These two actors play off each other brilliantly, be it in comedic or serious scenes. Ha Yu and Law Koon Lan were expectedly good in their parental roles, while Lei Seng Cheung, Johnson Lee (who’s got a great dead-pan expression) and the other three were so funny as the sidekicks. I really like Johnson Lee. Seems like he’s been given more chances of late, so that’s great. Like I said above, Elaine is really growing on me – she did a great job as the soft-spoken and gentle escort. All the TVB spoofs and gags along the way were hilarious as well. I really would like to finish The Gentle Crackdown II one day for the sake of Steven and Wayne and the hilarity that comes with it. Hopefully I warm up to Yumiko soon; that would make it a whole lot easier.

That aside, D.I.E. to be shown soon? I’m actually quite looking forward to it. The trailers and the themevideo portray it to be very interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing Roger in a role like this (which reminds me of his role in To Get Unstuck In Time, actually) and you know, in a normal hairstyle instead of a bowl haircut. Not a fan of Sonija‘s and am indifferent to Kenneth, but their roles look different too from the trailers. Looks good as a whole, to be honest. And of course, there’s Derek Kwok!

I was browsing through the AF forum and I found this great fanfic, which in my opinion, is quite scarce in the TVB fandom. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way praising my amateur-ly written fanfiction, but it’s just that I really rarely stumble across quality-written stories involving TVB) It’s called Storm Chasers by jas73 and it’s well-written with a good sense of continuity and author style, and is well researched to boot. Revolves around Raymond and Tavia, with a jealous Ron, scheming Charmaine, mourning Jessica, mysterious Gallen and many other well-fleshed out characters. Really, do give it a try. Mystery, suspence, action; you won’t be disappointed.

Besides and the AF forum, is there even any place to go to for TVB-related fanfiction? I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to navigate and it’s really not the user-friendliest place in the world. I just wish there was something more like, where it’s a proper fanfiction archive where you can search for fics by author, or by the top-rated fics, or genre. That would make avid fic-readers’ lives much easier.

And as for the HK entertainment news of late, I’m getting really sick and tired of hearing about Edison Chen everywhere I go. Come on, it’s been what, nearly a month? Move on, already. So, he enjoys intercourse like every other hot-blooded male does. Indulges in photographic fetishes. Granted, it’s stupidity on his part (and on the females’ part, let’s not forget) because they are seen as public figures, but he doesn’t need to be constantly painted as the villain, which is another thing that annoys me. It takes two to tango, as the saying goes. I am as feminist as they come. And it surprises me how many females fight for gender equality on so many platforms on a daily basis, and yet when it comes to some of this nature, immediately stone the male. Gender equality and all that, heh. For me, the girls are as much at “fault” as he was. Just my $0.02. Case closed, for me, at least.

And just for the record, I am neither a fan of Edison Chen (unless watching an episode of his MTV show or remarking that he used to be “cute” to my sister constitutes me as one) nor Gillian Chung (I am most definitely not a fan of Twins either – please don’t get me started on the state of their live performances and squeaky clean images).

And, uh, well that’s all for today. I’m all typed out.

TVB Spree

19 Jul

Hey everyone! I know it’s been ages since I’ve updated. Been rather busy what with the start of the second semester, going back to uni, searching for cheap second-hand books, and all the other boring stuff you do when you resume classes.

Also been on a TVB-watching spree – finished off Heart of Greed, To Grow With Love and Devil’s Disciples. I have a lot of comments on all three shows, as I always do, and will do a full write-up, hopefully sometime soon.

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Heart of Greed
Cast: Lee Sze Kei, Ha Yu, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Louis Yuen, Raymond Lam, Yoyo Mung, Chris Lai, Fala Chen, Carrie Lam, and the list goes on. 

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The star-studded cast.


But just briefly, a few words on all three series. Heart of Greed started out so strongly, and maintained that throughout the series, but for me, failed at the final hurdle. Sadly. I didn’t feel fulfilled with the final episode, for some reason or another. Maybe because it felt like I was promised a better ending than the one we were given. That aside, I really did love the entire cast. The veterans delivered stellar performances, and I believe “Dak Dak Dei” will put Moses amongst the front-runners for Best Actor at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

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To Grow With Love
Cast: Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Jack Wu, Selena Li, Claire Yiu, Matthew Ko, Gigi Wong, Eddie Kwan, Cheung Chi Kwong, Natalie Wong

To Grow With Love had so much potential, I thought. Myolie was really adorable with the weight she gained. It started off rather funny, but midway, it crashed and burned for me. It started grating on my nerves and instead of having heart and humour, it got nonsensical and pointless at times. I ended up watching to the end, only because I can’t stand not finishing a series I start (oh, if only I felt the same way about homework, heh) and only for the supporting characters, i.e. Jack Wu and Selena Li‘s characters.

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Devil’s Disciples
Cast: Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Sharon Chan, Wayne Lai, Shirley Yeung, Eddy Ko, Johnson Lee, Lee Kwok Lun, Patricia Liu, Oscar Leung, Chan Hoi Yee 

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I quite liked the costumes in this series, maybe it’s because I haven’t seen an ancient series in almost forever. Although, I can’t understand why all the guys don’t have the typical long plait that men are depicted to have back then.


As for Devil’s Disciples, I really didn’t think it was as bad as a lot of the people on various chatboxes around the TVB blogging world said it was. I might have had it a lot easier than they had since I was already a fan of Bosco and Bernice individually to begin with. Bosco was a lot more at ease with the happy-go-lucky, simple character compared to his role in HOG, and I enjoyed Bernice as the strong ‘tai si jeh‘. Sharon Chan was surprisingly more convincing than I thought she would’ve been. Wayne Lai proves again that he can do no wrong, unlike the ending of the series, which frustrated me. The song and dance routine, while hilarious, was absolutely pointless.

The Drive of Life has been raking in high ratings for its debut, and the released pictures of Michael and Sheren’s relationship make me want to watch it straight away. Anyone seen it? If so, what do you think?