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2009 TVB Anniversary Awards: Fashion Flair or Fashion Faux Pas?

2 Feb
I do apologize for my lack of updates. What’s worse is that when I actually do get around to updating, they aren’t even timely. This is a fashion post on who I thought the winners and losers were when it came to fashion on the red carpet TVB Anniversary Awards night. I know it’s been way too long ago to even be still thinking about it now but I’ve had this post under drafts for so long that I thought it was high time that I completed and published it. So, here we go… 

Fashion Flair or Fashion Faux Pas? 

Here in this fashion feature, we have five categories. The Honourable Mentions who all came out in their A-game, ready to razzle and dazzle up the Awards with their clever fashion choices. Then we have the Neither Here Nor Theres who aimed high but ended up falling somewhere in the middle of the crowd, vowing to do must better next year. Then, coming in after that part of the pack, are the The I’m-Not-Gonna-Win-So-This-Is-Really-Boring group. They didn’t think they’d get any recognition this year but as to not offend TVB, attendance was compulsary. Hence, they just threw on something they had and showed up. Next, there’s the OTT Award winners; they just don’t seem to get that less is more. And last but not least, we have the very special Heidi Montag award. Heidi Montag, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, is an American reality TV star who seemingly does a lot for attention. You get my drift.

The Honorable Mentions:

Tavia Yeung


My favourite dress of the night has to be what Tavia wore. The design and fit is absolutely perfect. The various shades of lovely blue in layers of chiffon gracefully panned out around her when she walked. I adore the tube bodice with the embedded silver bits, just to throw in a little more glamour to the otherwise ethereal Grecian-like dress. The dress (coupled with the elation she was undoubtedly feeling that night) made her look so radiant. I would love to own something like this. A brilliant fashion choice.

Sheren Tang
This dress is truly something different and I’m a fan. Showing off a single bare shoulder with a toga-inspired dress makes things slightly flirty. The silver adornment on her right shoulder and the silver neckline balances out the fun and playful tuile A-line bottom with a bit of glamour. I like how the black sash and the black peeptoe heels complete the whole look. Nice play with the three colours and a well-deserved win!

Nancy Wu 


Ooh, I love the vintage feel of this gorgeous chiffon-looking dress (I wish I could reach out and touch that material) and the way it tapers inwards, giving her a bit of an ethereal mermaid look. She’s got the whole classy vintage thing going on; from the side-sweep of that hair-do to the fire engine red lipstick. May not be a favourite, but I think it’s lovely. A more mature look as compared to last year’s Most Improved Actress winning dress. 

Derek Kwok

Not an honourable mention but since he’s here… I love Derek, but ugh. Is that velvet he’s donning? At least his bow matches her lips.

Kara Hui 

First up, let me just say that I think Kara‘s extremely gorgeous and classy. This dress is sleek and simple, and age-appropriate for her. I think the chandelier earrings and bangle match it perfectly. Can’t quite figure out if the ruby adornment on the front of her dress is a brooch or part of the dress, but either way, it kinda works. This dress looks awfully familiar. Has someone else worn it to any other event before this?

Myolie Wu

There’s something about Myolie that doesn’t quite conform when it comes to fancy evening galas. She’s not your average girly girl and I respect that. She’s had some pretty questionable outfits before but this time I’m gonna come right out and say that I love it. It’s fun, flirty and fresh. The only alarm bell sounded when I realized the shoes were also leopard print. And then, I cringed. Other than that, I think she looks great.

Koni Lui 

Ooh la la, Koni. There’s something about Koni I like. She’s healthy looking, seems to have a fun-loving personality. Girl’s got curves and flaunts it very well in this daring evening dress. The champagne tones of the dress are rare on the TVB carpet and it complements her very nicely. For some reason or other, it looks like something Bernice would don and also very reminiscient of what Tavia wore last year. My only grouse is that I would’ve downplayed the jewellery a little.

Joe Ma

Again, not part of the honourable mentions, but just cause he’s in the picture. Heh. Next to Koni, Joe’s attempt to be hip or cool just pathetically fizzles and dies off. Sigh. I’m awfully attracted to him on screen but off-screen he just doesn’t do it AT ALL. Maybe he should’ve hired Born Rich’s stylist to put him in one of those awesome tailored suits he was born to wear for this awards show.

Queenie Chu

This last pick rounds up my Honourable Mentions list, which I’m sure, may cause a few eyebrows to be raised. This may not be a very popular opinion, but I actually really adore this piece. It’s edgy and kitschy and yet manages to be cute and flirty at the same time. The ruched bust area with the scattering of sequins softens the wild black and silver mod bottom which is complemented very nicely with a peek of an underlying layer of something (Lace? Tuille? Can’t really tell). She’s chosen a perfect frock that accentuates her waist and shows off her mile long legs (Speaking off, I love those black peep toes as well). The whole glam rock music box ballerina look is topped off with her long hair tumbling free. Beautiful.

The Ones That Are Neither Here Nor There:

Sharon Chan

In what should’ve been the best night of her career, I presume Sharon went all out to find a dress that would wow everyone. Unfortunately she didn’t walk away with her deserved Most Improved Actress and sadly to say, I wasn’t wowed by this dress either. It’s the snake-like glittery print that doesn’t do it for me. She’s also got a fabulous body that wasn’t at all flattered by the cut of this dress – the “cut-in sleeves” have always been very hard to pull off because they tend to make your shoulders a little manly. Showing back instead of baring front is always a welcome change in my book, but I don’t fancy the bondage like twists. Perhaps if it were a different colour or made out of a different fabric, I may like the design better.
Joel Chan 


Joel exudes retro to me. I like the pinstriped suit where the stripes are slightly wider than usual; it’s a little daring but it works for him. What’s a no-no is stripes with a polka-dot bow tie.

Charmaine Sheh
Don’t get me wrong. I was up on the fence with this one, nearly putting it in Honourable Mentions but something just doesn’t do it for me. I love lace and I don’t think people wear it enough but I don’t fancy it with the black bust and the black flap down the side. Also, if the cut had been more flattering, Charmaine would’ve looked a lot better in it. The whole bodice just looks very “straight down”.

The I’m-Not-Gonna-Win-So-This-Is-Really-Boring:

Aimee Chan 

I’m going to bet that if Aimee Chan knew that she was going to take home the Most Improved Actress award, she would’ve put a little more effort into her dressing that night. Her makeup looked a little bland for an event of this stature. Her dress was plainly boring and looked like it was made for maternity wear. Very bad effort.

Ron Ng

Ron’s looking good. Not sure what that jacket is made out of, but on a whole, he’s looking better compared to some of those poor fashion choices he’s made in his younger lifetime.

Kevin Cheng

Kevin… just looks stoned. He looked stoned during the Anniversary Gala during the ‘My Girl’ performance and throughout the Awards Ceremony, continued to look pretty stoned. Especially in his disheveled white suit and unshaven face. I think he looks pretty strange, especially with that… carrot as a brooch? What on earth is that… thing?

Maggie Siu & Kenny Wong

I think Maggie might be the only TVB (whether this is contractually correct, I have no clue) artist who pulls off a ‘fro. Love the colour of her dress, but the fit is horrible. Kenny doesn’t look too bad. Still staying within my acceptable boundaries of male evening wear.

Fala Chen

I think Fala is exceptionally beautiful. But she always ends up in very sub-par dresses. (The only that I liked recently was the one she appeared during that duet with Steven Ma during the Anniversary Gala in a nice shade of canary yellow.) This one is no exception. The brown is especially unflattering and unforgiving to her body. The material catches light in all the wrong places, even making her look like she has a little bulge. The cream halter-like straps look strangely out of place. The only thing I like is her hairdo and the understated jewellery. An evening out on the red carpet does not mean you need to wear a jewellery shop.

Edit: TkN, mango/taecnyy (Did I get the spelling right? :-S) & Rachel kindly pointed out to me in the comments that Fala initially showed up in the same gorgeous blue dress that Tavia did. The brown dress she’s wearing which I don’t like is actually a back-up dress that TVB had. I had no idea. I personally think that’s very commendable and a very classy selfless move on her part (smart on TVB’s part too, but horrible taste) So I applaud Fala, for being so beautiful both in and out. I do apologize if I’ve hurt any of Fala’s fans; sorry for being so outdated with TVB news. πŸ™‚

Michael Tse

Or should I say Laughing Gor, formerly known as Michael Tse? Heh. Okay, he doesn’t really belong in this category since he was pretty much a shoo-in for his award. But he partnered Fala, which is how he ended up in his division. Michael has always had a rather campy style, being rather metrosexual himself. But honestly, what is with the plunging neckline? Plunging necklines (Bosco, you may need to pay attention here too) are only for ladies in my book. Michael may beg to differ albeit this being a terrible look for him. The dress pants look like he stole them from Jay-Z’s closet. I know harem pants are in, but again they’re for ladies (And neither am I a fan of them).

Christine Ng
Surely it must be illegal to be that age and still look ten years younger? Christine Ng seems to pull off every pretty evening gown she dons. This one is no exception. The horizontal gathers along the length of the dress are difficult to pull off because lines of that nature make you seem wider than you actually are. However, besides wearing it well, nothing’s very special about the dress. Very Barbie and very plain.

The OTT Awards:
Mary Hon Ma Lei

Sigh Mary, I love you so. I really do. But why did you have to wear Michelle Yim‘s wig from Moonlight Resonance and give it a perm?


Roger Kwok

Dapper as always. But, this is not about him.

Liza Wang

Gosh. It’s painful to look at this one. I cringed when she stood up to do a twirl during the Awards. It looks like she cut out holes in a drinks carton, splashed some metallic pink paint over it and then got someone to draw a peacock on. She is fast becoming the Asian version of Bjork.


Michelle Yim

Michelle! Why’d you have to do this to me? You always look so amazing in all your choices of evening gowns. This one, however, is just really OTT. Very much so like how her Beyond‘s Chung Siu Ha is. Purple’s my favourite colour but this shade is painful on the eyes. To top things off, those dirty yellow lace-trimmings completely clash with the purple.

Ram Tseung 

On another note, Ram Tseung looks very nice. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him at one of these awards!

Louise Lee

I’ve never once liked what Louise Lee wore to an awards ceremony and surprise surprise, this year isn’t any different. Overly glitzy. I know it’s not easy finding something that fits your age once you’re above a certain number, but I’m sure something’s out there.

Susanna Kwan

I love Susanna‘s spiky do. She pulls off spiky way better than the up and coming male stars and looks hotter to boot. Heh. The red is nice but the dress a little boring, I guess. She belongs in the Neither Here nor There category but the fur just pushes her over the edge into OTT-land.

The Heidi-Montag Award:

Linda Chung 

Why a treasured TVB fadan would come dressed to the most important event of the year dressed like a Z-list “celebrity” is really beyond me. The coiffed do, the alienesque wings, and a pole dancer’s sequinned corset? I mean, really? Someone fire whoever it was that thought the entire getup was a good idea.
Oh, and poor Kenneth. Those shoulder pads must’ve hit him quite a few times.

Liked the same ones I did or complete disagreed with my fashion choices? Feel free to compliment, comment, vent or rant at all their fashion flairs & faux pas-es. πŸ™‚

The Wrap Up: The Money-Maker Recipe

25 Jun

The Money-Maker Recipe/”See Lai Koo San”/εΈ«ε₯Άθ‚‘η₯ž
Genre: Modern Drama/Comedy
Release Date: 26th May 2008, 8:30 p.m.
Episodes: 21
Producer: Lam Chi Wah
Scriptwriter: Choi Shuk Yin


Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor – Cheung Yu Chu/”Chu Jeh”
Michael Tse Tin Wah – Wong Chi Chung
Dominic Lam Ka Wah – Ting Siu King/”King Sir”
Joyce Tang Lai Ming – Janette Koo Ka Chun
Angela Tong Ying Ying – Cheung Yu Po
Savio Tsang Wai Kuen – Chu Yuk Lun
Ellesmere Choi Chi Kin – Ting Siu Tim
Toby Leung Ching Kei – Mo Wing San
Law Lok Lam – Szeto Luen Fai/”Uncle”
Leanne Li Yat Nam – Queenie Szeto Hiu Sum
Chan Ching Lam – Wong Chor Sze
Rain Lau Yuk Chui – Auntie Pan
Mary Hon Ma Lei
Poon Fong Fong
Suet Nei
Fung So Bor
Rocky Cheng

The Good?

Dominic Lam


I don’t really remember watching a series with Dominic Lam Ka Wah in it. Sure, he looks familiar, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him around in the older series, but I just don’t remember much about him. Maybe that played a part in me appreciating his acting so much.

Ting Siu King, or “King Sir” as everyone calls him, is evil yet incredibly charismatic. He commands every scene he is in and fleshes out such an intricate character with his acting. Besides the money-motivated, no-holds-barred side of him, there’s also the filial facet. He’ll do anything for money, and although he forgets it, that yearning stems from a want to provide for his elderly father and his brother, Tim (Ellesmere Choi).


Aside from fantastic chemistry with everyone in the cast, he exceptionally shines in his scenes opposite Joyce Tang. His intricate love relationship with Joyce is probably one of my favourites this year.

His best acting for me came in the finale, where he was on the rooftop with Kiki, looking down at “Fu Tak” Village, the place he once wanted to get out off so badly, and just realising everything he didn’t know about life. He came full-circle. My favourite scene hands-down would be after he was caught, and Tim visited him in prison – the stifled crying by Dominic there was just brilliant.

Joyce Tang


I can’t possibly lavish so much praise on Dominic without mentioning Joyce as well. I’ve always thought Joyce was a capable actress, but the past year has really seen her come into her own right as an actress. In this series, she was the epitome of a modern career woman. Independent, opinionated, strong-willed, intelligent. Her only weakness was “King Sir“. Joyce played the devotion of Janette to King very well, and displayed the profound struggle Janette often endured when King Sir went against all moral to gain at others’ expense and the hurt she felt when King Sir dated Queenie (Leanne Li) for show.

Good solid performance by Joyce. It’s nice to see her getting back on track, looking and performing better than ever after her breakup.

Little “Wong Chor Sze”

Chan Ching Lam, the little girl who plays Kiki and Michael‘s daughter, “Sze Sze” is so incredibly adorable. Ever since the formidable Jenny Shing, no child actress has caught my eye. Chan Ching Lam isn’t as good as Jenny just yet, but with her natural knack for the camera and her cute-ness, she could soon be there. All her scenes opposite Michael, Kiki and the boy who was her brother were great to watch – they made a very believable family.

While we’re on the case of the kids, great casting on the son, “Fung Fung” because he really did resemble Michael a lot in the seires.

Savio Tsang

Look at this picture and tell me that that does not crack you up. Seriously. πŸ˜€

A normal reaction would be to associate Savio Tsang with a villain role because time after time, that’s all he’s been given to play. While he does them well, it gets a little old. (Yes, to the extent that I proclaimed that he was surely to be a baddie, the moment I saw him in Forensic Heroes II. Heh.)


Thankfully, this time round, he manages to break out of the character mould of long and plays the hilarious role of the butcher, “Chu Yuk Lun” with gusto. Savio is spot-on with all the funny expressions and displays a natural knack for comedy. From the mannerisms (the constant hair-scratching, the lifting of the shirt to rub his pot belly) to the speech, he completely had the whole role down pat. The person who casted him in this deserves a gold star. His scenes with Angela Tong are really funny as well. Who would’ve thought? Classic.

The chemistry between all the “see-lais”


Naturally, with a series like this, you would expect a group of boisterous home-makers, and well,The Money-Maker Recipe serves up just that. Kiki Sheung is classic as the “boss” of all “see-lais”, Rain Lau is once again consistently effective as the loud feng shui-believing manicurist while Mary Hon is wonderful as the skeptical see-lai who seeks to be a state member of parliment (Or rather, something to that effect. You better not trust my translation skills when it comes to official phrases) and Poon Fong Fong balances them out nicely being the demure housewife. The two in-laws, played by Suet Nei and Fung So Bor, also gel nicely with the cast. All their disagreements, and at the other end of the spectrum, their sticking-together, are nice to watch.

The Okay?

Michael Tse

You know, I actually tried talking with that droopy frown and couldn’t do it for past a minute. Kudos to Michael Tse for managing it for 21 episodes.

Michael is a fantastic actor, I think we’ve all established that fact. In Money-Maker Recipe, he takes on a role years beyond his actual age and gave his character a perpetual frown to age his look. As always, he puts forth a great consistent performance as the egotistical stubborn, male chauvinist husband. However, as the focus is mainly on Kiki and the housewives, he isn’t really left with much to do and hence, falls into the Okay list.

Toby Leung & Ellesmere Choi


I never thought I’d see the day when I would say this, but I actually liked Toby Leung in here. Ever since her cardboard box-worthy performance in The Drive of Life, I avoided anything with her in it (which is probably why my Marriage of Inconvenience DVD is still collecting a millimeter of dust on the shelf). Toby actually improved quite a lot since TDOL, and wasn’t too difficult to watch, especially since I thought she made a cute couple with Ellesmere. She played a young mother adequately, and worked well with the boy who played her son, “Lok Lok“.


As for Ellesmere, he’s always been on my “like” list ever since I was young. Not leading material, but he played Tim adequately, and had great scenes opposite Dominic Lam. His silent crush and devotion to Toby‘s “Ah San” was really cute, especially when the housewives teased him about it. My favourite part was when he turned up pretending to be her husband, while saving her from the cops during when she was trying to run away to China. One thing though, he’s always had rather awkward body language while acting.

Kiki Sheung


I kinda had a up-down relationship with Kiki‘s performance in here. She’s great with the emotional scenes, not that great with the rest of the scenes. Granted, she did have great chemistry with the rest of the housewives and her children, but I didn’t quite buy the rest of the scenes while she was by herself. I know it’s not going to be a popular opinion, but she didn’t do it for me.

And also, maybe it’s because I just watched The Family Link at the beginning of the year, it’s just weird to see Kiki and Michael together. I keep on expecting Sheren to pop up at anytime to reclaim her husband, lol.

The Bad?

“Uncle” and his herd of girls


Law Lok Lam turns in a good, solid performance as ever, but what truly disgusted me was the character, Szeto Luen Fai or “Uncle” and his posse of pretty young things. I don’t know if they were trying to pull off a Hugh Hefner-playboy-mansion thing, but every time I saw the group of girls making fools out of themselves for the wad of money he would pull out of his pocket, I would cringe. The absolute worst was the mud-wrestling competition he made them partake in. With viewers often making big deals out of passionate kissing or bed scenes, and gory violence, I think this was just far worse than any of that jazz. I don’t know, it seems like a pathetic ploy to spice up an otherwise dowdy looking series.

Leanne Li


While very eye-catching on-screen, Leanne still is awkward and stiff delivering her lines. Although I suppose the character of Queenie Szeto Hiu Sum was intended to be a prop for Dominic Lam’s “King Sir” from the very beginning, a better actress would’ve made the character more interesting and real.

Angela Tong

I usually don’t mind Angela in series, and outside of series, I think she’s got a lovely personality. However (and I hate to say this), she annoyed me to bits here. Her character was meant to be a spoilt, materialistic brat. I get that. What I didn’t enjoy so much was her constant screaming and whining. Maybe it’s her voice. I loved her scenes with Savio Tsang, however. Great comedy relief. However, towards the end when her character, “Yu Po” changed for the better, she was so much more likeable.

Ellesmere Choi’s “English” name

Heh, sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I do find him likable, but his name just makes me cringe. Oh and let’s not forget Savio. What kind of names are these?!

The Overall.


I’m so glad that the series wrapped up the King and Janette storyline with her visiting him and with there being a glimmer of hope for them. Even though there was the betrayal by King Sir, at the end of the day, he really did love her. Everything with Queenie was just for show, just for money. The way his voice cracked as he told her he needed her by his side just as his entire life was crumbling sealed it for me. I truly believed that despite all his wrong-doings, he was truly and completely in love with her, the woman who did so much for him and at the end of the day, she still loved him despite all his wrongs. I’m glad they didn’t just disregard their relationship and ignore them in the finale because for me, I really like how their story was written and portrayed, it was something different for once.

The ending, as a whole was very well-done, focusing on the housewives as it should’ve. The endings this year have either been plain stupid or non-fulfilling, but The Money-Maker Recipe did not bad with its finale. Most loose ends were tied up. I wanted more on Tim and Ah San, but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

Should you watch this series? Well, it’s difficult to say. I think the only reason I enjoyed it so much is that I went into it with absolutely zero expectations. I wasn’t even going to watch it when it premiered. The cast wasn’t appealing, the premise sounded boring, and it didn’t seem like there was any way it would match up to the Sheren Tang-powered The Family Link. I surprised myself when I watched episode after episode, laughing, crying. In some ways, I might actually prefer it over The Family Link which dragged on far too long for my liking.

But well, that’s just me. What did you think? Did you even bother to watch it?