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2009 TVB Anniversary Awards: Fashion Flair or Fashion Faux Pas?

2 Feb
I do apologize for my lack of updates. What’s worse is that when I actually do get around to updating, they aren’t even timely. This is a fashion post on who I thought the winners and losers were when it came to fashion on the red carpet TVB Anniversary Awards night. I know it’s been way too long ago to even be still thinking about it now but I’ve had this post under drafts for so long that I thought it was high time that I completed and published it. So, here we go… 

Fashion Flair or Fashion Faux Pas? 

Here in this fashion feature, we have five categories. The Honourable Mentions who all came out in their A-game, ready to razzle and dazzle up the Awards with their clever fashion choices. Then we have the Neither Here Nor Theres who aimed high but ended up falling somewhere in the middle of the crowd, vowing to do must better next year. Then, coming in after that part of the pack, are the The I’m-Not-Gonna-Win-So-This-Is-Really-Boring group. They didn’t think they’d get any recognition this year but as to not offend TVB, attendance was compulsary. Hence, they just threw on something they had and showed up. Next, there’s the OTT Award winners; they just don’t seem to get that less is more. And last but not least, we have the very special Heidi Montag award. Heidi Montag, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, is an American reality TV star who seemingly does a lot for attention. You get my drift.

The Honorable Mentions:

Tavia Yeung


My favourite dress of the night has to be what Tavia wore. The design and fit is absolutely perfect. The various shades of lovely blue in layers of chiffon gracefully panned out around her when she walked. I adore the tube bodice with the embedded silver bits, just to throw in a little more glamour to the otherwise ethereal Grecian-like dress. The dress (coupled with the elation she was undoubtedly feeling that night) made her look so radiant. I would love to own something like this. A brilliant fashion choice.

Sheren Tang
This dress is truly something different and I’m a fan. Showing off a single bare shoulder with a toga-inspired dress makes things slightly flirty. The silver adornment on her right shoulder and the silver neckline balances out the fun and playful tuile A-line bottom with a bit of glamour. I like how the black sash and the black peeptoe heels complete the whole look. Nice play with the three colours and a well-deserved win!

Nancy Wu 


Ooh, I love the vintage feel of this gorgeous chiffon-looking dress (I wish I could reach out and touch that material) and the way it tapers inwards, giving her a bit of an ethereal mermaid look. She’s got the whole classy vintage thing going on; from the side-sweep of that hair-do to the fire engine red lipstick. May not be a favourite, but I think it’s lovely. A more mature look as compared to last year’s Most Improved Actress winning dress. 

Derek Kwok

Not an honourable mention but since he’s here… I love Derek, but ugh. Is that velvet he’s donning? At least his bow matches her lips.

Kara Hui 

First up, let me just say that I think Kara‘s extremely gorgeous and classy. This dress is sleek and simple, and age-appropriate for her. I think the chandelier earrings and bangle match it perfectly. Can’t quite figure out if the ruby adornment on the front of her dress is a brooch or part of the dress, but either way, it kinda works. This dress looks awfully familiar. Has someone else worn it to any other event before this?

Myolie Wu

There’s something about Myolie that doesn’t quite conform when it comes to fancy evening galas. She’s not your average girly girl and I respect that. She’s had some pretty questionable outfits before but this time I’m gonna come right out and say that I love it. It’s fun, flirty and fresh. The only alarm bell sounded when I realized the shoes were also leopard print. And then, I cringed. Other than that, I think she looks great.

Koni Lui 

Ooh la la, Koni. There’s something about Koni I like. She’s healthy looking, seems to have a fun-loving personality. Girl’s got curves and flaunts it very well in this daring evening dress. The champagne tones of the dress are rare on the TVB carpet and it complements her very nicely. For some reason or other, it looks like something Bernice would don and also very reminiscient of what Tavia wore last year. My only grouse is that I would’ve downplayed the jewellery a little.

Joe Ma

Again, not part of the honourable mentions, but just cause he’s in the picture. Heh. Next to Koni, Joe’s attempt to be hip or cool just pathetically fizzles and dies off. Sigh. I’m awfully attracted to him on screen but off-screen he just doesn’t do it AT ALL. Maybe he should’ve hired Born Rich’s stylist to put him in one of those awesome tailored suits he was born to wear for this awards show.

Queenie Chu

This last pick rounds up my Honourable Mentions list, which I’m sure, may cause a few eyebrows to be raised. This may not be a very popular opinion, but I actually really adore this piece. It’s edgy and kitschy and yet manages to be cute and flirty at the same time. The ruched bust area with the scattering of sequins softens the wild black and silver mod bottom which is complemented very nicely with a peek of an underlying layer of something (Lace? Tuille? Can’t really tell). She’s chosen a perfect frock that accentuates her waist and shows off her mile long legs (Speaking off, I love those black peep toes as well). The whole glam rock music box ballerina look is topped off with her long hair tumbling free. Beautiful.

The Ones That Are Neither Here Nor There:

Sharon Chan

In what should’ve been the best night of her career, I presume Sharon went all out to find a dress that would wow everyone. Unfortunately she didn’t walk away with her deserved Most Improved Actress and sadly to say, I wasn’t wowed by this dress either. It’s the snake-like glittery print that doesn’t do it for me. She’s also got a fabulous body that wasn’t at all flattered by the cut of this dress – the “cut-in sleeves” have always been very hard to pull off because they tend to make your shoulders a little manly. Showing back instead of baring front is always a welcome change in my book, but I don’t fancy the bondage like twists. Perhaps if it were a different colour or made out of a different fabric, I may like the design better.
Joel Chan 


Joel exudes retro to me. I like the pinstriped suit where the stripes are slightly wider than usual; it’s a little daring but it works for him. What’s a no-no is stripes with a polka-dot bow tie.

Charmaine Sheh
Don’t get me wrong. I was up on the fence with this one, nearly putting it in Honourable Mentions but something just doesn’t do it for me. I love lace and I don’t think people wear it enough but I don’t fancy it with the black bust and the black flap down the side. Also, if the cut had been more flattering, Charmaine would’ve looked a lot better in it. The whole bodice just looks very “straight down”.

The I’m-Not-Gonna-Win-So-This-Is-Really-Boring:

Aimee Chan 

I’m going to bet that if Aimee Chan knew that she was going to take home the Most Improved Actress award, she would’ve put a little more effort into her dressing that night. Her makeup looked a little bland for an event of this stature. Her dress was plainly boring and looked like it was made for maternity wear. Very bad effort.

Ron Ng

Ron’s looking good. Not sure what that jacket is made out of, but on a whole, he’s looking better compared to some of those poor fashion choices he’s made in his younger lifetime.

Kevin Cheng

Kevin… just looks stoned. He looked stoned during the Anniversary Gala during the ‘My Girl’ performance and throughout the Awards Ceremony, continued to look pretty stoned. Especially in his disheveled white suit and unshaven face. I think he looks pretty strange, especially with that… carrot as a brooch? What on earth is that… thing?

Maggie Siu & Kenny Wong

I think Maggie might be the only TVB (whether this is contractually correct, I have no clue) artist who pulls off a ‘fro. Love the colour of her dress, but the fit is horrible. Kenny doesn’t look too bad. Still staying within my acceptable boundaries of male evening wear.

Fala Chen

I think Fala is exceptionally beautiful. But she always ends up in very sub-par dresses. (The only that I liked recently was the one she appeared during that duet with Steven Ma during the Anniversary Gala in a nice shade of canary yellow.) This one is no exception. The brown is especially unflattering and unforgiving to her body. The material catches light in all the wrong places, even making her look like she has a little bulge. The cream halter-like straps look strangely out of place. The only thing I like is her hairdo and the understated jewellery. An evening out on the red carpet does not mean you need to wear a jewellery shop.

Edit: TkN, mango/taecnyy (Did I get the spelling right? :-S) & Rachel kindly pointed out to me in the comments that Fala initially showed up in the same gorgeous blue dress that Tavia did. The brown dress she’s wearing which I don’t like is actually a back-up dress that TVB had. I had no idea. I personally think that’s very commendable and a very classy selfless move on her part (smart on TVB’s part too, but horrible taste) So I applaud Fala, for being so beautiful both in and out. I do apologize if I’ve hurt any of Fala’s fans; sorry for being so outdated with TVB news. 🙂

Michael Tse

Or should I say Laughing Gor, formerly known as Michael Tse? Heh. Okay, he doesn’t really belong in this category since he was pretty much a shoo-in for his award. But he partnered Fala, which is how he ended up in his division. Michael has always had a rather campy style, being rather metrosexual himself. But honestly, what is with the plunging neckline? Plunging necklines (Bosco, you may need to pay attention here too) are only for ladies in my book. Michael may beg to differ albeit this being a terrible look for him. The dress pants look like he stole them from Jay-Z’s closet. I know harem pants are in, but again they’re for ladies (And neither am I a fan of them).

Christine Ng
Surely it must be illegal to be that age and still look ten years younger? Christine Ng seems to pull off every pretty evening gown she dons. This one is no exception. The horizontal gathers along the length of the dress are difficult to pull off because lines of that nature make you seem wider than you actually are. However, besides wearing it well, nothing’s very special about the dress. Very Barbie and very plain.

The OTT Awards:
Mary Hon Ma Lei

Sigh Mary, I love you so. I really do. But why did you have to wear Michelle Yim‘s wig from Moonlight Resonance and give it a perm?


Roger Kwok

Dapper as always. But, this is not about him.

Liza Wang

Gosh. It’s painful to look at this one. I cringed when she stood up to do a twirl during the Awards. It looks like she cut out holes in a drinks carton, splashed some metallic pink paint over it and then got someone to draw a peacock on. She is fast becoming the Asian version of Bjork.


Michelle Yim

Michelle! Why’d you have to do this to me? You always look so amazing in all your choices of evening gowns. This one, however, is just really OTT. Very much so like how her Beyond‘s Chung Siu Ha is. Purple’s my favourite colour but this shade is painful on the eyes. To top things off, those dirty yellow lace-trimmings completely clash with the purple.

Ram Tseung 

On another note, Ram Tseung looks very nice. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him at one of these awards!

Louise Lee

I’ve never once liked what Louise Lee wore to an awards ceremony and surprise surprise, this year isn’t any different. Overly glitzy. I know it’s not easy finding something that fits your age once you’re above a certain number, but I’m sure something’s out there.

Susanna Kwan

I love Susanna‘s spiky do. She pulls off spiky way better than the up and coming male stars and looks hotter to boot. Heh. The red is nice but the dress a little boring, I guess. She belongs in the Neither Here nor There category but the fur just pushes her over the edge into OTT-land.

The Heidi-Montag Award:

Linda Chung 

Why a treasured TVB fadan would come dressed to the most important event of the year dressed like a Z-list “celebrity” is really beyond me. The coiffed do, the alienesque wings, and a pole dancer’s sequinned corset? I mean, really? Someone fire whoever it was that thought the entire getup was a good idea.
Oh, and poor Kenneth. Those shoulder pads must’ve hit him quite a few times.

Liked the same ones I did or complete disagreed with my fashion choices? Feel free to compliment, comment, vent or rant at all their fashion flairs & faux pas-es. 🙂

The Year of the Rat Ahead

11 Feb

So, it’s the Lunar New Year again, this time the year of the rat. And so, a typical question on everybody’s mine is, how will my year be in the year of the rat? chinese.astrology.com has the rundown for the year ahead. For a good bit of fun in the CNY manner, let’s see what happens when we apply those forecasts to our favourite TVB stars.

The Rat in the year of the Rat
Bobby Au-Yeung (1960), Matthew Ko (1984), Linda Chung (1984), Vivien Yeo (1984)

Out of the year ahead, apparently eight months are favourable for the Rat. The year may get off to a slow start for them, but the latter part of the year will hold bigger and better opportunities – patience will be a virtue. Bobby has a new drama which is currently filming which also stars Sheren Tang that could very well lead to many advertising opportunities towards the end of the year. Matthew and Linda also have Man in Charge, and A Journey Called Life and The Gem of Life respectively, ready for release very soon. For the Rat, this year is also the best time for career advancement; both Matthew and Vivien have been given very big opportunities of late – could this be their time to shine? When it comes to love, there is a high possibility that a recent acquaintance or a newly formed friendship could develop into a serious love affair. Maybe those Matthew/Kate Tsui rumours might come true soon.

The Ox in the year of the Rat
Damian Lau (1949), Ada Choi (1973) 

The year of the rat is a win-lose situation for the Ox. According to the experts, the ox will face half a year of difficulty, with the ending half favourable. This will not the time to take risks, especially unnecessary or avoidable risks. Hard work is more the Ox’s style anyway; this is very true for both Damian and Ada whose pure hard work and talent within the entertainment circle over the years is widely known. As for the Ox’s relationships, one bright spot may lay in their family relationships, as they might offer you a measure of unconditional love. This bodes well for the newlywed Ada and her loving husband, Max.

The Tiger in the year of the Rat
Sonija Kwok (1974), Joyce Tang (1974), Kenneth Ma (1974), Patrick Tang (1974)

42% of the year will apparently be favourable for the tiger in the year of the rat. The Tiger will have to carefully pick their battles, as they probably will not be blessed with many good opportunities. This might not be true for Kenneth as he has a truckload of series due for airing this year. Patrick is also rather favoured by the bosses, and he has the famous Foodie 2 Shoes under his belt. This leaves us with the ladies. Sonija already had a horrible year last year, what with the Michael Tao and third party rumours, so let’s hope this forecast doesn’t come true with a repeat of last year occurring. The Tiger will also gain a lot in friendships and have a fulfilling social life but the only bump in the road may come in their romantic relationships, as their aggressive approach may not find favor in this conservative Earth element year. Hopefully this doesn’t affect Joyce and what seems like a burgeoning relationship with Derek Kwok.

The Rabbit in the year of the Rat
Michael Tao (1963), Alex Fong (1963), Charmaine Sheh (1975), Yoyo Mung (1975)

After a good year last year, the Rabbit is expected to have a slightly more challenging year of the Rat, especially in the middle months of 2008. Career-wise, it could be frustrating as there might be delays and mix-ups in their way. For Charmaine and Yoyo who have upcoming series to film, might that mean delays in filming/production? Relationships with colleagues could also pose a problem, especially if there is involvement in office politics and gossip. Again, both the rumour prone females better take note. That aside, their domestic scene could make up for the trying workfront. Time is best spent with loved ones relaxing like what Alex Fong will likely do with his wife. Love is likely to be in the air for singles like Michael and Charmaine, but things should be taken slowly to avoid disappointment. Rabbits must also beware of conmen this year; however, a bright spot is that long term investments will bring a good return. Maybe it’s time for Yoyo and Ekin Cheng to get a place of their own. 😉

The Dragon in the year of the Rat
Roger Kwok (1964), Derek Kwok (1964), Margaret Chung (1976), Annie Man (1976)

With 11 favourable months and 1 neutral month, the Dragon could be the best off amongst all the other zodiacs. Dragons, while having to avoid risk, will have a good chance of realising a big dream this year. Maybe Margaret will be able to expand her yoga venture this year. The year of the Rat also seems to smile on the career of the Dragon. With creativity, heart and spirit, points could be won with those in authority and advancements in career are highly likely. The star of Roger can only go higher with D.I.E. and thriller Last One Standing, while Derek who did great last year, could stand to gain even more recognition this year. Margaret and Annie should also consider filming for TVB again. I’m sure a lot of viewers would agree with that. Equally lucky in relationships, the Dragon stands to find romance, or even better, his or her soulmate this year as it is a very auspicious year for love – love might soon be in the air for singles like the very eligible Derek (Joyce Tang anyone?), Margaret and Annie. The earth element of 2008 also favors family and heart-felt gestures, perfect for Roger and his wife Cindy Au, who will be happy parents very soon!

The Snake in the year of the Rat
Bowie Lam (1965), Jack Wu (1977), Maggie Siu (1965)

With one less favourable month as compared to the Dragon, the year of the Rat will be a better one for the Snake than last year. Almost every month will present a new opportunity to the snake, although they might want to take a break straight after the Lunar New Year. With the mega-production of The Gem of Life looming ahead for both Bowie and Maggie, the year is bound to be bountiful, and after filming it for many long months last year, a break after the new year is in store for the two. Also, the fast paced energy given off by the Rat creates a dynamic career environment which could inspire the Snake with new ideas resulting in many opportunities which requires quick and decisive actions. If the Snake is bored with their present work situation, this is a good time to seek greener pastures. Could this be a hint to Jack to leave the hosting behind and to continue to carve a name for himself in the acting industry? Single Snakes have a wonderful chance to find love and romance, or maybe just one great fling. All three of them should take note!

The Horse in the year of the Rat
Sammul Chan (1978), Stephen Huynh (1978), Bernice Liu (1979), Shirley Yeung (1978)

With only three neutral months and the remaining months being unfavourable, it looks to be a tough year ahead for the Horse. A quick start to the year will be important as the latter months of the year could be very challenging indeed. Might that mean awards at the end of the year will once again elude Sammul and Bernice? Projects will become a bit more difficult and delays could be the norm. Hopefully this does not affect Bernice who’s currently filming The Legendary Ren Jie and Sammul, who will soon begin filming The Academy III, or cause Shirley‘s Silver Mansion Golden Dust to be warehoused. While they may experience some bumps in the road, there will be have many opportunities to learn and it might be beneficial to further their work-related knowledge; Bernice and Stephen should continue working hard on improving their pronounciation. When it comes to romance, letting their guard down, especially with those who love them, is one way to happiness. Might Bernice be letting her guard down with a certain Best Actor? The Horse will be best served by exercising patience and understanding the needs of his or her partner. Shirley and long-time boyfriend Gregory Lee should take note, just in case.

The Sheep in the year of the Rat
Raymond Lam (1979), Ron Ng (1979), Myolie Wu (1979), Tavia Yeung (1979)

With only 5 favourable months, this year will not be as good as the pig year last year for these sheep. However, it is important to note that there are still five favourable months will plenty of opportunities if the Sheep does not get down and let negative emotions get the best of them. All four stars have big projects at hand with many opportunies; Raymond has The Four and Heart of Greed II, Ron with The Four and possibly Thirteen Treasures, Myolie with When A Dog Loves A Cat and apparently Burning Flame III after that, and Tavia with Salt Traders and Heart of Greed II. They will do best this year if they let their head, and not their heart dictate their actions. Ron made a smart choice by branching out to the mainland market last year, and his career might continue rising with the awaited The Four and the filming of the The Academy III. Career-wise, the Sheep might face large pressure from management to work more. Advancement and progress will come if there is strong diligence, of which there is definitely no shortage of when it comes to these four. The sheep must remain rational about their workload and pressure and their inclination to say no if the load is too much to handle. The quartet of Raymond, Ron, Myolie and Tavia are the cream of the crop of the younger generation and are possibly the most overworked ones. This year they might have to learn to face even larger pressure and juggle their work and home life well. For the single Sheep like Raymond, Ron and Tavia, this year could lead to the blossoming of true love. However, existing relationships could be problematic. At the same time, they need to be wary of rumors and gossip, as they will lead to unnecessary arguments. Myolie and rumoured guy Bosco Wong sound familiar?

The Monkey in the year of the Rat
Joe Ma (1968), Bosco Wong (1980), Elaine Yiu (1980), Carrie Lam (1980)

Along with the Dragon, the Monkey will have the best year this year out of the twelve zodiacs. Opportunities will be aplenty for the typical, mentally quick and multi-talented Monkey. However, overconfidence could hinder some of those opportunities. The monkey is advised to go with their heart and follow their instincts with their projects at hand. Rewards will be seen when working closely with coworkers who exhibit similar ideas. Bosco, while working closely with his great coworker Myolie Wu reaped great rewards with their outstanding chemistry last year with War of In-Laws II; might that continue in the following year as well? Ideas and hard work will most likely be rewarded this year. Joe, who has signed a contract with TVB late last year could see himself rewarded as early as the end of this year at the anniversary awards. A resurgent Elaine , and well as newbie Carrie could also see themselves with more chances. The monkey’s social life should be very active this year. Married ones like Joe will find themselves more than ever, wanting to spend a lot of time with their spouse and might even lead to an addition in the family! The single Monkey should expect to find an abundance of opportunities in love and this might not be the year to settle down. Oh no, does that mean there’s no hope for Bosco and Myolie after all?

The Rooster in the year of the Rat
Paul Chun (1945), Kevin Cheng (1969), Leila Tong (1981), Selena Li (1981)

After the Horse, the Rooster is the sign most likely to have a challenging year with a total of 9 unfavourable months. There will, nevertheless, be a few opportunities. With a big role in The Four, Selena‘s opportunities will probably come in abundance after its release. A cooperative attitude, and winning allies will be the key to success. With Leila‘s amiable work ethics and her budding success with her music and the mainland market, she should do well. Progress may be a little slow on the career front this year for the rooster but time must be taken to understand the roots of the problems. Support of co-workers and superiors are vital. Such a well-respected and well-liked veteran like Paul probably need not worry. One of TVB’s favourite sons, Kevin will also probably be in a good spot with the support for the upcoming The Seventh Day and the anticipated Last One Standing. The single Rooster like the beautiful Leila , need not rush into anything new this year, as things may not always be quite what they seem. The Rooster in a relationship needs to be wary and avoid missteps, as small problems have the potential to erupt into larger, out-of-hand ones this year. Might rumoured couples Kevin and Niki Chow, along with Selena and Patrick Tang have anything to worry about? Added stressed caused from relationship problems could be detrimental to their health. Let’s hope all four stay healthy and happy in ’08!

The Dog in the year of the Rat
Michael Miu (1958), Jessica Hsuan (1970), Fala Chen (1982) 

More than half the year is deemed to be positive for the Dog in 2008. For them, it will be more challenging than last year, but still has the potential to be very favourable. With the release of Suspicious Love for Michael and the upcoming The Academy III and Heart of Greed II for him and Fala respectively; that is most definitely valuable potential. Jessica has also apparently been slated to film Just Love II soon. Willingness to leave their comfort zone will lead to significant progress towards the dog’s goals and enable them to achieve one or more notable successes. Jessica left her comfort zone last year with her soft-spoken, timid role in Drive of Life which was widely acclaimed. Fala could very well continue that streak by taking on the role of a mute this time round in HOG II. Time spent promoting themselves and their skills and standing out to the people on the company ladder will be well-spent. Fala‘s popularity rose last year with her dancing skills; will she continue on this year? Domestically, comfort will be found in family relationships this year, be it with parents, children or loved ones. The single ones like the very eligible Jessica, will find good fun and mental stimulation this year; with plenty of chances to meet new friends and explore new love interests. The Year of the Earth Rat will likely be favorable towards their new savings plans and investment decisions; possibly a good year for Michael‘s business up ahead!

The Boar in the year of the Rat
Moses Chan (1971), Steven Ma (1971), Gigi Lai (1971), Koni Lui (1983)

Said to be the most generous and honorable zodiac sign, these four are in for a good year this year. The environment is likely to be more unsettling, albeit simultaneously providing more opportunities for success. The formidable Moses won big at last year’s awards; imagine what more he could do this year. The boar needs to mentally adjust his or herself and focus squarely on the present this year. Gigi had a turbulent year last year with her brother’s incident, and there’s nothing better to do than to focus and live to the fullest in both family and career. Increased success is in store for the boar; they just need to stay focused on the prize. Great advice for a budding newbie like Koni. Their work environment is more comfortable this year and people around them will be appreciative of their experience and talent. Might Steven be able to win Best Actor this year with this added appreciation? The single Pig will find plenty of opportunities this year and love is in the air, possibly along with a new career connection or two. Moses, who has all along endorsed the idea of appearing as a celebrity advertising couple with Bernice Liu for work and sponsor-related purposes, has been the brunt of good-natured marriage ribbing from colleagues recently. Might there be more than just a career connection there? The pace of the year also poses some risk to your health and well-being and any risky physical activity should be avoided. Let’s all pray for no more horse mishaps for the poor Steven. We want to see both his eyes if/when he wins an award this year. 


Just a good bit of fun forecasting the year ahead traditional Chinese-style with the twelve zodiacs and the TVB artistes. I don’t personally believe in astrology, but I like to read it just for fun… who knows, right? Lol.

And I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy belated Valentine’s day! xoxo.

TVB Spree

19 Jul

Hey everyone! I know it’s been ages since I’ve updated. Been rather busy what with the start of the second semester, going back to uni, searching for cheap second-hand books, and all the other boring stuff you do when you resume classes.

Also been on a TVB-watching spree – finished off Heart of Greed, To Grow With Love and Devil’s Disciples. I have a lot of comments on all three shows, as I always do, and will do a full write-up, hopefully sometime soon.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Heart of Greed
Cast: Lee Sze Kei, Ha Yu, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Louis Yuen, Raymond Lam, Yoyo Mung, Chris Lai, Fala Chen, Carrie Lam, and the list goes on. 

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The star-studded cast.


But just briefly, a few words on all three series. Heart of Greed started out so strongly, and maintained that throughout the series, but for me, failed at the final hurdle. Sadly. I didn’t feel fulfilled with the final episode, for some reason or another. Maybe because it felt like I was promised a better ending than the one we were given. That aside, I really did love the entire cast. The veterans delivered stellar performances, and I believe “Dak Dak Dei” will put Moses amongst the front-runners for Best Actor at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

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To Grow With Love
Cast: Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Jack Wu, Selena Li, Claire Yiu, Matthew Ko, Gigi Wong, Eddie Kwan, Cheung Chi Kwong, Natalie Wong

To Grow With Love had so much potential, I thought. Myolie was really adorable with the weight she gained. It started off rather funny, but midway, it crashed and burned for me. It started grating on my nerves and instead of having heart and humour, it got nonsensical and pointless at times. I ended up watching to the end, only because I can’t stand not finishing a series I start (oh, if only I felt the same way about homework, heh) and only for the supporting characters, i.e. Jack Wu and Selena Li‘s characters.

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Devil’s Disciples
Cast: Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Sharon Chan, Wayne Lai, Shirley Yeung, Eddy Ko, Johnson Lee, Lee Kwok Lun, Patricia Liu, Oscar Leung, Chan Hoi Yee 

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I quite liked the costumes in this series, maybe it’s because I haven’t seen an ancient series in almost forever. Although, I can’t understand why all the guys don’t have the typical long plait that men are depicted to have back then.


As for Devil’s Disciples, I really didn’t think it was as bad as a lot of the people on various chatboxes around the TVB blogging world said it was. I might have had it a lot easier than they had since I was already a fan of Bosco and Bernice individually to begin with. Bosco was a lot more at ease with the happy-go-lucky, simple character compared to his role in HOG, and I enjoyed Bernice as the strong ‘tai si jeh‘. Sharon Chan was surprisingly more convincing than I thought she would’ve been. Wayne Lai proves again that he can do no wrong, unlike the ending of the series, which frustrated me. The song and dance routine, while hilarious, was absolutely pointless.

The Drive of Life has been raking in high ratings for its debut, and the released pictures of Michael and Sheren’s relationship make me want to watch it straight away. Anyone seen it? If so, what do you think?

The Foreword; Part II.

5 Jul

Okay, finally after much delay and procrastination from your lazy blog owner, Part II of the foreword is up! If you’ve missed part I, you can read it here. This time, this post will include my favourite TVB female artists, and my thoughts on them. Mainly just a little write-up so that you guys know what to expect from me and my future posts. Obviously because I’m a fan, I will tend to write more about them, and you need to know that. Comments are once again, greatly welcome!

Without further ado, I present to you:

My Leading Ladies

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Jessica Hester Hsuan

Why she plain rocks: Jessica always has, and always will be one of my favourite actresses. She is one of those actresses who immerses herself greatly into her role. She isn’t just merely theoretically acting by the book, she wholly immerses herself into those roles. She IS the role. What I also love is that she has both the beauty, the brains and the talent. She has a degree in Material Science and Engineering, and if you read her interviews, her answers are eloquent, and she comes off across as very thoughtful, mature and wise. Also, she’s shown that she has the capacity to not only play strong career women (I’m sure everybody remembers Rachel in Golden Faith), but has also carved quite a name for herself in the comedic genre.

Aesthetic value: I personally think she’s beautiful. While I’ve never had the luck to meet her in person, my sister-in-law has, and says that she’s even more beautiful in person. She’s classy, has a great eye for fashion, and carries herself with ease; and yet still manages to retain that certain youthfulness to her. I can only hope I look as good as she does when I’m at that age.

Favourite series: Detective Investigation Files IV, Old Time Buddy, Golden Faith, Secret of the Heart, A Matter of Customs, Square Pegs, Dicey Business.

Remarkable Partnerships: For sure, with Louis Koo in DIF IV. Who didn’t love the angst and chemistry between the cool and silent Chui Fei and the lovely Mo Chiu Kwan, often called Ms. Mo? Coming in a close second, is the love story between the selfless Ivan and headstrong Rachel in Golden Faith, with Gallen Lo as Jessica’s love interest. I also have an extremely soft spot for Jessica and Wong Hei in A Matter of Customs, and with Michael Miu in Dicey Business, because I’m a sucker for angst, and boy, did those two couples have it. And of course, I suppose the chemistry with Roger Kwok in Square Pegs also warrants an honorable mention.

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Ada Choi Siu Fun

Why she gets a golden star: Basically, everything I’ve just said for Jessica applies to Ada as well. I’ve enjoyed watching the both of them so much when I was younger, and that has carried on throughout the years. Ada is an actress that emotes amazingly well with her eyes. If you watch her emotional scenes closely, you’ll find that she doesn’t need to speak, her eyes already speak volumes about how she’s feeling. A lot of actress have failed to master this, and their eyes look lifeless when they’re acting. Ada, obviously, is not one of them. In Where the Legend Begins, her gentle and self-contained Yan Fook with just the slightest tinge of sorrow in her eyes won me over, and her charismatic Wai Ying Chi in Armed Reaction III and IV sealed the deal. Out of acting, I adore her for being so steadfast in her Christian faith. If I were to make a comparison, as an actress and in terms of elegance and personality, she reminds me very much of Nicole Kidman.

Aesthetic value: Ada is elegant and absolutely beautiful. She still looks so stunning, unlike some Hollywood personas of the same age who’s already had countless Botox jobs. Her height adds to her graceful stature, and she exudes class and beauty without having to overly expose herself. She looks exquisite in ancient films, and I really, really hope TVB films that ancient drama in that was in the 2007 sales presentation. Ada would play a woman scorned very very well, as seen in the presentation clip.

Favourite series: Secret of the Heart, On the Track or Off, Where the Legend Begins, Healing Hands I & II, Armed Reaction III & IV, At the Threshold of an Era.

Remarkable Partnerships: For me, hands down, with Steven Ma in Where the Legend Begins and in On the Track or Off. And of course, how could I forget with Lawrence Ng in Healing Hands I and II. Ada’s Jackie was by far my favourite character on that show, and while I’ve never been a fan of Lawrence, I loved their relationship. Also, an awesomely cute relationship with Bobby’s Chan Siu Sang in AR III & IV.

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Tavia Yeung Yi

Why she is my pick: I’ve been a fan of Tavia since the beginning. I thought she showed so much promise and potential for a young actress and have been eagerly following her progress since then. A lot of people label her the next Maggie Cheung, and I agree whole-heartedly. Not only in the looks department, but acting-wise as well. Maggie is an excellent actress, and Tavia is slowly reaching that level. She impresses me more and more in every series I see her in. I love that she’s a graduate of the TVB acting class, and while beauty pageants have discovered a number of talents, I’m pretty glad she’s not just another pretty pageant face. She worked her way up from bit roles, into the successful actress she is today. Like Ada, I find that she emotes very well with her eyes, and she’s definitely learnt to cry very beautifully and poignantly compared to the days of her Kiko in Golden Faith, wailing as she ran down the street. (Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the confrontation of Oscar and Kiko in the scene before that, but the next scene of her running down the street made me cringe a little. It was also bad editing on the producer’s part) I’m glad to see her finally getting all the recognition she deserves after her image change. It’s a little disappointing so see that she only got recognised for her makeover rather than for her talent, but as long as she’s happy with her new look and that people are finally appreciating her acting, then that’s great. She’s definitely got the producer/casting director of Dicey Business to thank. I think it was a bit of an inspired casting to cast her in the role of Tam Chu Mei, but now, I couldn’t imagine anyone better; it was a very refreshing role for Tavia.

Aesthetic value: Like I said, I’ve always been a fan of Tavia since the beginning, and thought she was beautiful. Sadly, not many people agreed until her sexy makeover. She’s got very unique facial features and I’ve always found her very pretty. Her facial features and her bone structure make her very photogenic and she wears a lot of clothes very well. Also, her personality seems so fun-loving and extroverted, and that adds so much to her appeal.

Favourite series: The Awakening Story, Vigilante Force, Golden Faith, Find the Light, Twin of Brothers, Shades of Truth, Food for Life, Dicey Business, and I’m guessing I’ll be adding Heart of Greed to this list before long. I also really want to watch Land of Wealth and Face to Fate because she looks so beautiful in ancient series, and because she got great reviews for both.

Remarkable Partnerships: I’ve enjoyed watching a lot of Tavia’s relationships on screen. For sure, with Raymond, Ron and Bosco out of the younger actors. To fuel my like for all three pairings, they all seem to get along extraordinarily well in real-life too. I think Tavia is what people would call ‘one of the boys‘. Despite her new womanly image, she jokes and kids around with them easily, like before, and I love that. Raymond and Tavia were angstily great in Golden Faith and in TOB together, while Ron and Tavia had a more fun, less-worrisome story in The Academy. Bosco and Tavia were great in Dicey Business and I’m enjoying them a lot in Heart of Greed as well. They seem to have a very severe understanding of one another acting-wise, and that translates onto screen very well, in portraying two relationship extremes in either series. Surprisingly enough, I also thoroughly loved her stories with Bowie Lam and Wong Hei respectively in Vigilante Force and Shades of Truth. Both are such unconventional pairings, but it paid off and the result was great, for me. Looking forward to watching Tavia and Ah Hei again in Trouble Daddy.

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Myolie Wu Hung Yee

Why she gets two thumbs up: There’s no denying that Myolie is a wonderful actress in her own right. To me, there is a certain charm and charisma about her when she appears on screen. She’s extremely talented, whilst being very likable. Her signature role as Yan Yan in Golden Faith couldn’t have been done by a lesser young actress, and showed great promise to the audience on what was to come from this actress. Yan Yan was so innocent, naive and had so much childlike simplicity that was portrayed in abundance by Myolie. One of the most deserving ‘Most Improved Actress’ awards in that point of time. Since then, she’s went on to play a spectrum of roles, delivering solid performances time and time again. She’s got very spot-on comedic timing, as proven in War of In-Laws. One role I’d really love for her to take on (and she says this so herself too) is one of a devious, cunning nature. That would be really interesting and good for her to sink her teeth into, artistically speaking.

Aesthetic value: At first glance, Myolie might not be the prettiest actress around to a lot of people, but I think she has a very classy aura about her. She’s got that wholesome girl-next-door look which is very appealing to a lot of people. Myolie’s also got that sweet smile which looks great on film.

Favourite series: Golden Faith, The Awakening Story, Family Man, Survivor’s Law, Triumph in the Skies, Net Deception, Lost in the Chamber of Love, War of In-Laws

Remarkable Partnerships: I really liked Raymond and Myolie in Survivor’s Law. Tons of cute, sweet moments, especially when he was learning how to knit to fix her bag (Come on, show me a guy who does that, and I’ll offer him my hand in marriage, lol). Surprisingly, her Zoe with Francis Ng’s awful-English-warbling Sam in Triumph of the Skies also left a very strong impression in my mind. You almost expected them to crash and burn as a pairing, but the innocence and readiness-to-love of Zoe and the worldy and mature Sam worked, and the age-gap didn’t matter at all, once the relationship got underway. And of course, I couldn’t get away with not mentioning Bosco and Myolie, could I? Despite the recent outburst of Bosco-haters and hence, hating Bosco in any possible pairing, I have an extremely soft spot for this pairing. They made me laugh and cry and go ‘aww‘ in War of In-Laws, and I’m glad that they’re doing a sequel. (Although all the costumes and hair-dos in the pictures so far really make me cringe. This is supposed to be TVB’s equivalent of Devil Wears Prada? Huh.)

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Bernice Liu Bik Yee

Why I simply love her so: I have to admit, while I’m a huge, huge fan of Bernice’s, her acting isn’t up to the par of say, Tavia, or Myolie. She does excellent for tomboyish roles like that of her Gei Mei Lai in Love Bond, or fun, flirty characters like her Man Tai Po in Into Thin Air. I absolutely loved her in those. However, she does need to improve on broadening her forte in order to be able to pull away from being stereotyped. I felt she improved a lot in her Brink of Law’s Wing, from Betsy in Healing Hands III, and hope that continues on. So, although she may not be the best actress, she’s most definitely my favourite TVB personality. She’s bubbly, and outgoing, and seems to get along well with all her co-stars, alongside being perfectly comfortable in her own skin and in her own right. She also wins points with me for being able to speak perfect English, for her singing and her dancing, and for improving on her Cantonese so much, from not even being able to read her scripts at all when she started out. I would love to watch Virtues of Harmony solely to watch her parts.

Aesthetic value: I think Bernice is simply gorgeous. She has a beautiful smile, and everytime she smiles, her whole face lights up. I love that she’s not stick-thin and has curves. And again, her personality makes her all the more attractive to me. Cute, sexy, mature, natural; she pulls off every look with ease and confidence. She’s an advertiser’s joy, as proven again and again, and I can really see why they all love her so. Also, she manages to exude sex appeal without being trashy or slutty, but instead managing to maintain a healthy, wholesome image. Definitely a great role model.

Favourite series: Love Bond, Into Thin Air, Brink of Law

Remarkable Partnerships: Of course, it’s no secret that I am a Bernice fan, and I’m a crazed Bernice/Moses fan. They had so much chemistry in Love Bond, and in Healing Hands III, and what makes it even more remarkable is that they had such different storylines and character history, and yet their chemistry was still so apparent in both series. I also love the fact that that chemistry’s not only limited to the screen, but also off-screen at interviews, fashion shows and at award shows as they seem to get along extremely well. Bernice also had uber cute scenes in Into Thin Air with Kenneth Ma and she looks very compatible with Steven in Brink of Law.

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Leila Tong Ling

Why she gets a five out of five: Leila has been one of my favourite actresses since Day 1. I remember seeing her in Burning Flame II and hoping that she would get bigger roles some day. She’s a natural in front of the camera, and what I like about her is that she’s been given some pretty diverse roles to play, and nails them all more often than never. She was great to watch as the stubborn, sarcastic, yet caring Ching Ching in The Last Breakthrough, and then next, in a complete 180 in Life Made Simple’s Angel who was determined and conniving. Like Bosco Wong said in a K-100 interview, he’s never seen her in such an devious role, and it’s pretty unbelievable that someone who likes like an angel, like a baby, could be so cunning. I completely agree. I’ve also watched bits and pieces of War and Destiny, and I loved her transformation into such a mature character. It’s a shame she hasn’t gotten more promotion from TVB because she can act circles round some of the younger actresses TVB seems intent on shoving down our throats these days.

Aesthetic value: Leila’s got adorable features, right from the huge eyes to the chubby cheeks, and the sweet smile. She looks very youthful, which is always a plus for any actress. She also looks great in both ancient and modern get-ups; that’s obviously another advantage for her.

Favourite series: The Last Breakthrough, Twin of Brothers, Life Made Simple, Aqua Heroes, Square Pegs

Remarkable Partnerships: For sure, with Raymond in The Last Breakthrough. Their coupling as Ken and Ching Ching made the show for me. Bosco and Leila in LMS were great to watch, to me. She also looked absolutely beautiful with Ron in TOB. Dying to watch Bar Benders and The Family Link to see how she fared with Sammul and Kenneth, respectively.

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Natalie Tong Si Wing

Why she gets my vote: Natalie Tong is the one actress, out of the many new fledgling actresses of the coming TVB generation, whom I’d like to see get bigger and better roles. Unfortunately, for a long period of time, she was either typecast into bubbly, hyper, supporting characters, or younger-sister roles. Case in point, Love Bond, Food for Life, Under the Canopy of Love. I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing, because I did really enjoy watching her, but any type of typecasting is not a good thing for an actress. However, her role as the timid and nervy Ying Ying in At Home With Love excited me because it showed that she can do more than just bubbly and young. As a fan, I really can’t wait to watch her in her first second-female-lead role in The Seventh Day. The promo, although heavily featured on Kevin and Niki, was pretty promising for Natalie, and I’m just eagerly anticipating the entire series as a whole for a wide myriad of reasons.

Aesthetic value: She’s cute, and bubbly, and I find that extremely infectious with her. Might she be trying to change her image anytime soon? I was surprised to see her in the TVB Calendar alongside two of TVB’s sexiest actresses, Bernice Liu and Gigi Lai, and also in the photoshoot where this photo is from.

Favourite series: Hearts of Fencing, Love Bond, Under the Canopy of Love, At Home With Love, Just Love

Remarkable Partnerships: Out of all the series I’ve seen her in, she’s paired up twice with Charles Szeto in UTCOL and At Home With Love, and personally, I think Charles Szeto is a horrible actor at the moment, so neither one of those partnerships does it for me. A notable mention were her cute scenes with Stephen Wong in Love Bond. Stephen’s acting was not fantastic there either (although definitely more bearable than Charles’), but the relationship worked, for me. Her little storyline with Dave Wong in Just Love were interesting to watch as well, because of the age-gap.

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Vivien Yeo Sau Wai

Why I’m rooting for her: Pure and simple, it’s because we hail from the same place. I’d love for a Malaysian to be successful in the TVB arena, because it’s what I grew up watching. We haven’t had a Malaysian actress in TVB since the stunning Angie Cheong Wai Yee; who was Ah Guai in A Kindred Spirit, so I really hope she makes it. TVB seems to be giving her quite a number of roles, most recently in the much-hyped sequel to War of In-Laws. In addition, she also wrangled a spot on the Lady in Red CD, which was promising for her. Vivien also plays the piano, and she played a Richard Clayderman piece for the talent portion in the Miss Malaysia Chinese International Pageant; that won brownie points from me.

Aesthetic value: Not to be biased, but I do think she’s pretty. She’s got a very fresh look, and is pretty likable all-round, from various forums.

Favourite Series: I’ve seen her in Sunshine Heartbeat and Into Thin Air, and I think she’s most definitely improved since her Sunshine Heartbeat days, although neither were breakthrough performances.

Other favourite actresses of mine are the amazing Sheren Tang, Joyce Tang, the beautiful, formidable Michelle Yim, Nancy Wu, Akina Hong, Fiona Yuen, the classic Mary Hon, Sherming Yiu, and the hilarious Chu Mi Mi. Out of the missing-in-action ones, I really love watcing Maggie Cheung, Margaret Chung, Marianne Chan, and Annie Man. I was really getting sick of Linda Chung after that huge onslaught of her in the press recently, and to be honest, I didn’t think she was that great an actress in Always Ready back then, but now she’s growing on me, albeit slowly.


What do you guys think, and who are some of your favourite actresses? I’d like to know!