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Fashion Faceoff, #3

4 Dec

I’ve always been a sucker for glamourous gowns & red carpet fashion, which probably explains why I’m going to be watching the Anniversary Awards 2010 like a hawk. Not as excited for the awards because I like Gun Metal Grey more than the two oft-cited contenders, Can’t Buy Me Love & No Regrets.

Well, in preparation for the awards (tomorrow!), it’s only fitting that we have a fashion post!

Maybe you’ll remember the first ever Fashion Faceoff featuring Charmaine, also at an Anniversary Award event vs. Christina Aguilera. This time, we also have another white frock, and also at an Anniversary Award!

Fashion Faceoff #3

Sheren wore the Monique Lhullier gown at the end of last year while she took home the TVB crown for Best Actress while Olivia Wilde (The OC, House) graced the 2010 People’s Choice Awards in January this year in the same dress.

Olivia Wilde pairs off the pretty frock with a tousled updo and minimal jewellery, brandishing a black box clutch bejewelled with diamante. As beautiful as she really is, the hair and the contrasting red lips don’t do any favours for her, making her look rather aged in this fun tutu-esque dress. The tulle on the dress seems to fall nicer on hers compared to Sheren’s, though.

Sheren, on the other hand, wears the pretty frock with loads of sparkly diamonds both on her ears and on her wrist, playing it off with the embellishment on the shoulder perfectly. With her hair in a sleek bob and light colours on her face, she is the embodiment of radiance in this dress. Both ladies opt for peeptoes, but I’m leaning towards the Sheren’s strappy ones more.

I say this faceoff round goes to Sheren. Bet you she’ll never regret choosing that dress when she looks back on her Best Actress picture five years from now. Monique Lhullier dresses are pretty amazing, especially for weddings. 🙂

Two different ladies. Two different looks. One dress. Who wore it better? What do you think?


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Fashion Faceoff; #2.

19 Jun

(And your friendly blog-owner is back from soul-sapping, energy-depleting finals! *throws confetti*)

Previously, most, if not all of you, said that TVB leading lady Charmaine Sheh wore the same white satin dress better than pop starlet Christina Aguilera here.

Let’s see what happens in the next style showdown when we pit yet another TVB leading actress against not one, but this time two people wearing the exact similar dress.


In November last year when it was TVB’s award season, the lovely Tavia Yeung graced one of the pre-anniversary functions in this many-shaded BCBG MaxAzria creation. With dramatic eye-makeup and deep red polished fingernails, she teamed this flowing chiffon dress with a stunning diamond necklace and an up-do, complete with side-swept crimped bangs.

A month later, in early December, actress-model Molly Sims (of Las Vegas fame, lucky girl who gets to act opposite Josh Duhamel every day) walked the green carpet and the Movies Rock show. With flowing curls, she wore this empire waist dress with gold jewellery, giving it a rather bohemian chic feel.

A mere few days later, Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton doned the very same dress to launch a perfume from her fragrance line. Surprising against her nature, the famous blonde dressed down and went simple, accessorising with only a cross pendant and a sleek bob hairstyle.

Personally, I’m really not that great a fan of this dress. Waist up, it’s interesting, but the chocolate waves at the bottom are something that I could have done without. It also doesn’t work wonders for the female form. It could very well have been a maternity dress, actually.

Three ladies. One dress. Who do you think wore it the best?

(Special thanks to taviayeung.com for the Tavia picture. Sorry I had to crop your watermark into half! :-S)

Fashion Faceoff, #1.

3 Mar

I spy, with my little eyeeee…

Style showdowns.

Fashion faceoffs.

…okay, here I am starting the umpteeth feature on this blog, simply because I cannot help it. I adore fashion, and loved this feature on Asia‘s blog – the seeing double feature. A big no-no in the world of entertainment; fashion repeats occur. Some don’t matter when they feature two artists in the complete opposite ends of the world, like this one you’re about to see. Some are humiliating, when they feature you and someone else wearing the exact same thing… in the exact same room. Gulp.


In September last year, Christina Aguilera walked down the red carpet at the 2007 Primetime Emmys in this white-satiny Valentino dress with a black bow many said was for hiding her impending baby bump at that time. Put together with red-hot siren lips, a coiffed hairdo and minimal jewellery, it was a throwback tribute to the sexy screen-stresses of the past by the singer.

Two months later, Charmaine Sheh walked down another red carpet halfway around the world at the 40th TVB Anniversary Awards, exactly one year after her Best Actress triumph, in the same white Valentino design, only with longer ends to the black bow. She went for a sleek and elegant hairdo, wore muted yet feminine colours on her face, and was adorned with many, many diamonds on that night.

I prefer Charmaine‘s simple hair-do, but prefer Christina‘s splash of red on her lips and on her nails, adding colour to the traditional colours of black and ivory. The necklace Charmaine has on looks really overdone, especially since the bust of the dress is lace-like and patterned – less really is more sometimes. However, with that being said, I think she probably didn’t have too much of a choice since it was sponsored. As for the dress, I don’t really like it. It’s too wedding or prom-like for me, and not so much red-carpet glam. I have to say it looks better with the shorter bow on Christina‘s dress though.

Two different ladies. Two different looks. One dress. Who wore it better? What do you think?